About CFAES: VP Advisory Council

Vice President's Advisory Council

Established in 1997 as an outgrowth of Project Reinvent, the Vice President's Advisory Council provides advice and direction for programs that cut across all areas within the college. The Council serves as a well-informed, appropriately connected group of external and internal stakeholders who come to the table as respected leaders to listen and then offer the best advice they can for setting future college direction. The majority of members represent a cross-section of external stakeholder groups served by the college and its various programs. College faculty and staff representatives also serve, as well as the current president of the Agricultural and Natural Resources Council, the student council for the college.

It is not the responsibility of the advisory council to make decisions; rather the Council gives compelling advice. The Vice President and college administration must then make choices and be accountable for those choices.

Current Advisory Council Members Include:

  • Nate Andre - Producer and CARET Representative
  • Bob Calala - President, Ohio Aquaculture Association & Co-Owner, Calala's Water Haven, Inc.
  • Terry Cosby - State Conservationist, Ohio USDA/NRCS
  • Susan Crowell - Editor, Farm & Dairy
  • David T. Daniels - Director, Ohio Department of Agriculture
  • Nate Filler - Executive Director, Ohio Grocer's Association
  • Jack Fisher - Executive Vice President, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation
  • Tom Gruetzmacher - Vice President, Dairy Foods R&D, Land O'Lakes
  • Elizabeth Harsh - Director, Ohio Cattlemen's Association
  • Joseph Hartzler - Dairy Farmer & Processor
  • Arthur Hecker
  • Christopher Henney - Ohio Agribusiness Association
  • Bill Hirzel - Plant Manager, Hirzel Canning
  • Ray Koenig - Koenig Equipment
  • Justin Marotta - Possum Run Greenhouse
  • Todd Michael - Co-Owner, Michael Farms
  • Andy Miedema
  • Mitchell Lynd - Lynd's Fruit Farm
  • Joe Motz - President, The Motz Group, Inc. 
  • Jim Patterson - Patterson Farm
  • Tom Price - Price Farms Organics
  • Bill Richards - Farmer and Former Chief, USDA Soil Conservation Service
  • Jane Scott - Executive Director, Columbus Metropolitan Club
  • Mike Townsley - President, Food Products Division, Bob Evans Farms
  • Gordon Wallace - Manager, Southwest Landmark, Inc.
  • Brian Watkins - Watkins Farms
  • John Waymire - Little Miami Flower Company
  • Jay Wippel - Pickaway County Commissioner