News: Chow Line

  1. Chow Line: Keep safety in mind when packing lunches

    When my children don’t like what’s offered for school lunch, I pack a sandwich and they carry it in a brown paper bag. My kids say most of their friends use insulated bags when they bring their lunch. Is that necessary?  
  2. Chow Line: Test dairy, nutrition IQ with MyPlate quizzes

    My son, who is 11, says that since butter is made from milk, it should be counted as a dairy food. I know that it’s not dairy, but can you help me explain why?  
  3. veggies on a plate in the form of a funny face

    Chow Line: Turn tables on food ads: Make veggies fun

    We tend to eat a lot of vegetables and fruit at home, not only during meals but for snacks too. But our daughter seems to be getting less interested in “good” food and is asking for more sweets and salty snacks. How can we steer her back to healthy eating?  
  4. nut butter and nuts

    Chow Line: Delving deep into homemade nut butter

    I occasionally like to make my own nut butter by grinding nuts in a food processor and adding some coconut oil until it becomes creamy. But I’m worried that I’m losing some of the fiber in the nuts when I grind them. Also, does eating nuts burn more calories than eating nut butter?  
  5. flax seed and ground flax seed

    Chow Line: Flaxseed may help to control blood pressure

    My blood pressure has been inching up recently, and although I don’t yet have high blood pressure, I’m on the lookout for ways to reduce it. Recently I came across some information about flaxseed and how it can help. Can you tell me more about it?  
  6. man with laptop at kitchen breakfast table

    Chow Line: Stay safe by signing up for food recall alerts

    My wife was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and so we are both watching what we eat much more carefully. I was surprised to learn that she needs to be more careful about foodborne illness now. We think we do pretty good at following guidelines at home, but how can we find out about food recalls?  
  7. man examining food label in grocery store aisle

    Chow Line: How to use the ‘5-20’ rule for healthy choices

    I’ve never been a fan of Nutrition Facts labels, but a friend recently mentioned that she reads them all the time, using something called the “520 rule.” What is the 520 rule?  
  8. roasted corn on the cob

    Chow Line: An ear of corn A-OK as part of a balanced diet

    We really enjoyed having corn on the cob on July Fourth. One of my children asked why we don’t have it more often. I explained that corn is a starchy vegetable and we shouldn’t eat too much of it. But it got me thinking, how much is reasonable?  
  9. woman in garden

    Chow Line: Working in garden yields multiple benefits

    This year, I greatly enlarged my vegetable garden. I enjoy it, but it’s a lot more work than I realized. People tell me that gardening provides a lot of health benefits. Like what?  
  10. girl watching tv with remote and a bowl of popcorn

    Chow Line: Pack kids’ snacks with nutrients, variety

    I know my kids eat too many cookies and chips. What are some healthier snack options for kids?