News: Chow Line

  1. pumpkin latte next to pumpkins

    Chow Line: What’s behind the taste in pumpkin flavoring

    When I ordered a pumpkin spice-flavored coffee the other day, a friend told me there’s no real pumpkin in the flavoring used in the drink. I told her I didn’t think there was any pumpkin in any kind of pumpkin spice, and she got upset with me. Am I right?  
  2. baby being fed with spoon

    Chow Line: New strategies to combat peanut allergies

    My grandson is just 5 months old, and I noticed that my daughter and son-in-law gave him a small amount of peanut butter recently. I didn’t say anything, but I thought very young children should avoid peanuts to reduce the chance a peanut allergy might develop. Should I speak up?  
  3. out-of-focus image of yogurt in dairy case

    Chow Line: Yogurt: So many choices, lots to like

    There seem to be a lot more kinds of yogurt than there ever used to be. I like it, but is yogurt really that popular?  
  4. buttered bread falling with plate to the floor

    Chow Line: Study: It’s best not to test five-second rule

    So, I keep hearing different things about the five-second rule. Is it OK to pick up food and eat it after it has dropped to the floor?  
  5. grandmother with grandchild slicing an apple

    Chow Line: Kids not eating fruit? Try cutting, slicing it

    How can I get my grandchildren to eat more fruits and vegetables when they’re visiting? I am lucky that I get to have them over often, but I can’t seem to entice them to eat much produce.  
  6. holding hands on gut, intestinal problems

    Chow Line: Restrictive diet can help ease intestinal issues

    I have a friend who no longer eats wheat products, onions, garlic or a lot of other foods. She said it’s because she has been experiencing stomach problems and a “low-FODMAP” diet was recommended. It sounds serious. What is it?  
  7. woman examining label at health food store

    Chow Line: What will happen when fiber is no longer fiber

    I understand that the recommendation for fiber intake is going up. When will we see that reflected on Nutrition Facts labels?  
  8. tomatoes on the vine

    Chow Line: The scoop on fresh, homegrown tomatoes

    We are enjoying fresh vegetables from our garden, especially the tomatoes. But we have a disagreement about whether or not they are actually healthier than store-bought fresh or even canned tomatoes. We each think we’ve read information that contradicts the other. Who’s right?  
  9. Chow Line: Keep safety in mind when packing lunches

    When my children don’t like what’s offered for school lunch, I pack a sandwich and they carry it in a brown paper bag. My kids say most of their friends use insulated bags when they bring their lunch. Is that necessary?  
  10. Chow Line: Test dairy, nutrition IQ with MyPlate quizzes

    My son, who is 11, says that since butter is made from milk, it should be counted as a dairy food. I know that it’s not dairy, but can you help me explain why?