News: Chow Line

  1. laptop on kitchen counter

    Chow Line: Learn more about your food with Food-A-Pedia

    I’ve started to plan meals for a week at a time to help streamline my grocery shopping. Since I’m trying to drop a few pounds, I’d like to do some quick legwork to compare calories in some foods I eat regularly. If I wait to look at Nutrition Facts labels while shopping, I feel like I’m in the store forever. Any ideas that could help?
  2. water bottles

    Chow Line: With flavored water, look at label closely

    I switched my beverage of choice from pop to bottled flavored water. I’m enjoying trying a lot of different brands and flavors. Is there anything I should be on the lookout for when choosing which one to try next?
  3. home-canned vegetables

    Chow Line: A deadly reminder on home canning safety

    I was surprised when I heard that the botulism that recently killed someone likely came from home-canned potatoes. I just started canning last year. What can I do to make sure I’m doing so as safely as possible?
  4. Chow Line: A tried-and-true DIY ‘detox’ diet

    I’ve seen a lot of different versions of “detox” diets. Which type might work best to help me shed a few pounds this spring?
  5. salmon with leafy greens

    Chow Line: Diet may play role in chronic inflammation

    Are there foods you can eat to reduce chronic inflammation?
  6. washing produce in sink

    Chow Line: Keep fresh produce healthy and safe

    I’m hearing more about antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Should I start cleaning fresh produce with a commercial fruit and vegetable wash?
  7. produce in grocery cart

    Chow Line: Why choose whole foods over processed?

    I’m dating a guy who loves to cook, which is great, but he seems to rely on a lot of processed foods. Would it be worthwhile, health-wise, to try to shift him more toward fresh, whole foods? 
  8. magnifying glass on piece of chocolate

    Chow Line: Sugar alcohols aren’t sugar or alcohol

    What is sugar alcohol? I gave up sugar when I found out it will go into your fat cells if you don’t use it for energy. Does the same thing happen with sugar alcohols? And, is there a difference between different types of sugar alcohol? 
  9. burgers on a grill

    Chow Line: Beef lovers: How safe are your burgers?

    If steaks are safe when cooked to 145 degrees F, why do hamburgers need to be cooked to 160 degrees? All the meat comes from the same cow, right? 
  10. milk jugs

    Chow Line: Calcium important, dairy a good source

    A friend started a new diet, and he said he was surprised to learn milk and other dairy products can actually cause, not prevent, osteoporosis. Can you explain?