News: Chow Line

  1. girl with lunch tray

    Chow Line: School lunch may be healthier than packed

    Generally, which is healthier for kids, a packed lunch or a school lunch?
  2. Chow Line: Plan ahead to save at grocery store

    My grocery bill seems to be getting more and more expensive. I noticed it especially when we stocked up the weekend before school started. What are some ways we can cut expenses but still have enough to eat?
  3. elderly couple in kitchen

    Chow Line: Food safety: Why older people face more risk

    I often hear that the elderly are more at risk from foodborne illness. Is that true, and if so, why?
  4. apples in bowl on counter

    Chow Line: Making the ‘see food’ diet work for you

    I started keeping a bowl of fruit on the kitchen counter to encourage my family to eat more produce. It works. What are some other ideas to help us eat more healthfully?
  5. carnival lighted arrows

    Chow Line: Decisions at the fair: Indulge, or be healthy?

    We’re planning to go to the state fair. I haven’t gone in a long time and I keep thinking about all of the horribly unhealthy foods that I know I’m going to want to eat that day. I want to enjoy myself, but I’m afraid I’m going to gain back the 12 pounds I’ve lost this year all in one day. Any guidance?
  6. ice water

    Chow Line: As mercury rises, beat the heat with water

    Do we really need to drink more water when the weather is hot?
  7. bowls of fruits and vegetables

    Chow Line: Time is ripe to eat more fruits, veggies

    I was hoping I would begin to eat more fruits and vegetables during the summer, but I have to admit I haven’t gotten into the habit yet. Any ideas to help get me started?
  8. hot dogs on grill

    Chow Line: If you’re at risk, be aware of Listeria

    Last weekend at a cookout, I ate a raw hot dog. Someone there told me I should never eat raw hot dogs because of the risk of foodborne illness. But I always thought hot dogs are already cooked, and you really only need to heat them up if you want them hot. Who is right?
  9. red, white and blue fruit on skewers

    Chow Line: Spark interest in fruit, veggies on the Fourth

    I want to rev up the healthfulness of our Fourth of July cookout. I always make a veggie platter or fruit salad, but they get bypassed for burgers, hot dogs, potato salad and chips. What can I do to draw more attention to healthier fare?
  10. children in restaurant with parents across from them

    Chow Line: Eating out? Help kids make healthful choices

    We seem to be eating out more and more. Instead of just ordering for them, I want to teach my children (ages 9 and 11) how to make healthier choices, whether we’re at a sit-down restaurant or going through a drive-thru. Any tips?