News: Chow Line

  1. children's hands moving toward a plate of cookies

    Chow Line: How to help your child eat a healthy diet

    Our toddler has a sweet tooth. Should we let him indulge, or is it time to start restricting snacks?  
  2. glass bottles of oil

    Chow Line: Saturate yourself with information about oils

    I’m confused about fatty acids. I know to avoid saturated and trans fats, and I’ve heard good things about omega-3s and unsaturated fats. But there are also oleic, linoleic and other types of fats. What does all this mean for the type of oil I should be using?  
  3. breads and grains

    Chow Line: You can’t judge a whole grain by its color

    I have seen “white whole wheat” bread and high-fiber white pasta products for years now, but I’ve always been a little suspect. Aren’t true whole-grain products darker in color because of the bran?  
  4. International Radura symbol for irradiated foods

    Chow Line: Food irradiation safe, but not widely accepted

    I used to hear a lot about food irradiation, but I haven’t heard very much recently. Are foods being irradiated in the U.S.? Is it safe? Many foods are approved for irradiation, but you likely won’t see them in the grocery store. Most of the reason, many experts say, is because of negative consumer perceptions about the process: Who wants to eat anything that sounds like it has something to do with radiation?
  5. steak on the grill

    Chow Line: Know your beef: Cuts best for smoker, grill

    When I grill a steak, how can I make sure it’s not tough? Also, I just got a meat smoker as a gift. What cuts of beef would be best for the smoker?  
  6. grocery aisle blurred image

    Chow Line: Consider using fewer highly processed foods

    In recent years, we have increasingly relied on convenience foods for our everyday meals. I am interested in shifting back to more whole, natural foods, but would it really be worth the time and energy?  
  7. running faucet

    Chow Line: How to tell if your tap water is clean, safe

    My kids drink a lot of water, but with all the news about lead in water supplies, I am concerned about its safety. Just how safe are city water supplies for children?  
  8. bowl of thick bean soup

    Chow Line: Nutrient-packed beans a hearty addition to diet

    We’re thinking of incorporating more beans in our meals, primarily to reduce the amount of meat we’re eating (and buying), but also because they’re supposed to be very good for you. But my husband, who has type 2 diabetes, is worried about adding more carbohydrates. Is this a bad idea?  
  9. man looking at yogurt in grocery store

    Chow Line: Added sugar in yogurt can be hard to identify

    A friend recently read a book on healthful eating and is now telling me I should stop eating yogurt because it contains so much sugar. I normally have a 6-ounce container after dinner, and I admit I was surprised at the sugar content when I looked at the label. Should I cut back?    
  10. alfalfa sprouts

    Chow Line: Be aware of risks of growing, eating sprouts

    My teenage son has taken a keen interest in healthy eating, and as part of this, he has started growing his own sprouts. I remember there was an issue with raw sprouts a few years ago. Are they safe to grow and eat?