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  1. apples

    Chow Line: An apple a day OK, but enjoy other fruit as well

    Although a lot of my health-conscious friends push me to try produce that I’ve never even heard of before, I’m partial to the good old-fashioned apple. What can I tell them about the apple’s health benefits that will get them off my back?
  2. cookies in front of fireplace

    Chow Line: Try adjustments to favorite comfort foods

    When fall comes and the weather starts getting cooler, I tend to indulge in comfort foods. I know most of them are high in calories, fat and sodium, and I worry about the effect on my weight and health. Are there ways I can make my favorite comfort foods healthier so I can keep enjoying them?
  3. grocery cart and calculator

    Chow Line: Eat better without breaking the bank

    I want to help my family eat better, but it seems like whenever I try to buy healthy foods, it costs a lot more. How can we eat better without totally breaking our food budget?
  4. interior of refrigerator

    Chow Line: Time to chill: Be sure fridge is cold enough

    I noticed that a friend of mine has a thermometer in her refrigerator. She says she uses it to make sure the refrigerator is cold enough. Why would this be necessary? Aren’t refrigerators built to keep food cold enough?
  5. photo: iStock

    Chow Line: Type 1 diabetes requires lifelong action

    Our 11-year-old son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. We’re learning a lot very quickly. What do we need to be aware of as we settle in to living with diabetes?
  6. bowl of cereal with strawberries

    Chow Line: Encourage your child to eat a healthy breakfast

    It’s always a struggle to get my children to eat a good breakfast before school. How can I make them get up early enough to be sure they start the day right?
  7. girl with lunch tray

    Chow Line: School lunch may be healthier than packed

    Generally, which is healthier for kids, a packed lunch or a school lunch?
  8. Chow Line: Plan ahead to save at grocery store

    My grocery bill seems to be getting more and more expensive. I noticed it especially when we stocked up the weekend before school started. What are some ways we can cut expenses but still have enough to eat?
  9. elderly couple in kitchen

    Chow Line: Food safety: Why older people face more risk

    I often hear that the elderly are more at risk from foodborne illness. Is that true, and if so, why?
  10. apples in bowl on counter

    Chow Line: Making the ‘see food’ diet work for you

    I started keeping a bowl of fruit on the kitchen counter to encourage my family to eat more produce. It works. What are some other ideas to help us eat more healthfully?