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    Chow Line: Kids’ Menu Choices Not Always the Best Option

    When I take my family out to eat at a restaurant, most often I choose an option for my kids off the children’s menu because it’s food that they would eat and, frankly, it’s less expensive. But lately I’ve been hearing reports that say children’s menu options aren’t always the best choice nutritionally for kids. That leaves me to wonder — is the kids’ menu the best option?
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    Chow Line: Fructose intolerance manageable with proper diet

    My son has been complaining recently about tummy aches after eating certain fruits like grapes and watermelon. Lately, he can’t seem to tolerate apple juice even though it’s his favorite drink. Could the fruit be causing his pain? I thought that feeding him fruits was a healthy choice?  
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    Chow Line: Ring in healthy year with pork, sauerkraut

    I want to serve our traditional pork and sauerkraut on New Year's Day, but my teenage daughter is discouraging me, saying she wants to start the year more healthfully. Is pork and sauerkraut not very healthy?   
  4. ham on holiday dinner table

    Chow Line: Ham probably cooked, but read the label

    We’re having ham for Christmas dinner this year. I believe ham is already cooked, but when I was growing up, I remember my mother always put a glaze on it and baked it in the oven for several hours. Do I have to do that, or can I just warm it up before serving?   
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    Chow Line: With alcohol, stopping at one or two is best

    During the holidays, I have to admit that I tend to drink more alcohol than usual. I think I could use a reality check. When you’re out with friends or at a party, how much is enough?  
  6. grandson with grandmother making a salad

    Chow Line: Healthy eating: The gift that keeps on giving

    My grandchildren are coming for an extended visit over the holidays. I’ve been concerned about some of their eating habits, but as their grandma, I don’t want to make a big deal about it. What are some subtle things I can do while they’re here to encourage them to eat a little better?  
  7. Chow Line: Steel yourself: ’Tis the season for sweet treats

    I don’t usually have much of a sweet tooth, but during the holidays I tend to go overboard on cookies and other baked goods at parties and when people bring treats to the office. This year, it seems to have started already. Any ideas to help me keep in control?  
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    Chow Line: Managing diabetes is not always easy

    My husband has type 2 diabetes, and lately he has been frustrated about his blood sugar. Even though he gives himself the proper dose of insulin according to his carbohydrate intake, his glucose levels often don’t go down as much as they should. He has a doctor’s appointment, but can you shed some light about what’s going on?  
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    Chow Line: Focus on safety with prep for holiday meal

    I host Thanksgiving dinner for extended family every year. I am never as organized as I hope to be and get totally stressed out. Now some older family members are battling serious health issues, and I’m especially concerned about making sure I do everything properly so no one gets sick. Any tips?  
  10. steamed vegetables

    Chow Line: Steam, roast vegetables to retain nutrients

    What is the best way to cook vegetables so nutrients aren’t destroyed?