News: Chow Line

  1. Chow Line: Sodium still a concern with pricey types of salt

    My wife recently bought some pink Himalayan salt. Besides being pretty, it’s expensive and isn’t even iodized. Is it somehow healthier?    
  2. Chow Line: More fiber: Just what the doctor ordered

    I know it’s important to get enough fiber to help with constipation, but I’ve also read that it can help prevent disease. How does that work?    
  3. Chow Line: Exercise important, but calories count more

    I have been doing more walking and other exercise since the first of the year, but I haven’t been losing much weight. Shouldn’t I see some results on the scale?    
  4. can of soda with sugar pouring out of the opening

    Chow Line: New dietary guidelines target added sugars

    When the new Dietary Guidelines were announced a few weeks ago, I heard a lot about the recommendation to limit added sugars. But I’m sure that they’ve said that for years. Is there something new?  
  5. cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and broccoli

    Chow Line: Cruciferous vegetables packed with nutrients

    What are cruciferous vegetables, and what kind of health benefits do they provide?    
  6. milk poured from bottle into glass

    Chow Line: Think long, hard before choosing raw milk

    What are the risks and benefits of raw milk?    
  7. pitchers of water flavored with fruit

    Chow Line: Make water festive for holiday gatherings

    We are hosting several parties over the holidays. Many of our friends are more health-conscious these days, and I would like to serve some healthy but festive beverages. Any ideas?    
  8. oranges with an empty juice glass

    Chow Line: With kids, emphasize whole fruit over juice

    My grandchildren will be spending a few days with us during the holidays. My daughter, their mother, mentioned the other day that she hoped I wouldn’t overload them on soft drinks and juice while they’re here. I can understand soft drinks, but what’s wrong with fruit juice?  
  9. canned goods

    Chow Line: 7 ways to make food donations count

    During this time of year, I often make donations to food drives. I normally just take older items from my pantry that I haven’t found a use for, but I wonder if instead I should be buying new. Are there guidelines I should be following?  
  10. raw turkey in roasting pan

    Chow Line: Do not (I repeat) do not rinse the turkey

    I see conflicting guidance about whether or not to rinse the turkey before roasting it. So, should I or shouldn’t I?