News: Chow Line

  1. girl watching tv with remote and a bowl of popcorn

    Chow Line: Pack kids’ snacks with nutrients, variety

    I know my kids eat too many cookies and chips. What are some healthier snack options for kids?  
  2. around the grill

    Chow Line: When camping, keep food safety in mind

    We are planning to go camping for a long weekend this summer and I want to be sure we’re smart about the food we bring and prepare. What should we keep in mind regarding food safety?   
  3. bowls of fresh fruit

    Chow Line: Eat fruit, but know how it affects blood sugar

    I know I should be eating more fresh fruit, but I have type 2 diabetes. Last weekend I enjoyed a few slices of watermelon, and I was surprised when I tested my blood sugar and saw that it spiked over 200. Should I forget about eating more fresh fruit?  
  4. fresh vegetables

    Chow Line: 8 great ways to eat more veggies every day

    I know I should be eating more vegetables, but I need inspiration. What are some easy ways to fit more vegetables into my diet?  
  5. old label vs. new label

    Chow Line: In 2018, food labels will give more information

    I heard something on the news about the Nutrition Facts labels changing. What are the details?  
  6. smoothies

    Chow Line: Smoothies can boost fruit, calcium intake

    My teenage daughter has a sudden affinity for smoothies. She is making them all the time. Is this something I should encourage?  
  7. pregnant woman

    Chow Line: Why food safety is vital during pregnancy

    Why are pregnant women at greater risk of foodborne illness?
  8. walking on a treadmill

    Chow Line: Takeaways from the Biggest Loser study

    I recently heard some discouraging news about the prospects of losing weight and keeping it off. What is the best course for people like me, who had a lifelong battle with weight?  
  9. children's hands moving toward a plate of cookies

    Chow Line: How to help your child eat a healthy diet

    Our toddler has a sweet tooth. Should we let him indulge, or is it time to start restricting snacks?  
  10. glass bottles of oil

    Chow Line: Saturate yourself with information about oils

    I’m confused about fatty acids. I know to avoid saturated and trans fats, and I’ve heard good things about omega-3s and unsaturated fats. But there are also oleic, linoleic and other types of fats. What does all this mean for the type of oil I should be using?