Workday Updates

Below is an archive of Workday updates as well as policy and procedure updates for the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.


January 6, 2021 - Travel Guidelines and Hiring Pause 

Travel Restrictions Extended 
Following the public health guidance of local, state and federal officials, the university has extended the current restrictions on domestic and international travel through June 30, 2021. More information will be shared later this week or early next week about an exception process. 

Continuation of Hiring Pause Procedures 
As we transition to WorkDay, hiring managers are now able to directly create hiring requisitions. However, an approved exception is still required and should be obtained prior to creating a requisition. Please follow the hiring pause exception procedures and contact your HR consultant with any questions.  

WorkDay Resources 
More information on the WorkDay transition, job aids, training, and links to services can be found in the Administrative Resource Center (ARC). 
- For HR support contact: 
- For Finance support, contact your fiscal officer. If additional support is needed, contact: Desiree or Lisa 

December 11, 2020 - Procurement Deadlines

Please be aware of the following upcoming procurement deadlines:
December 14th – Last day to initiate and erequest for a purchase requisition, estores order, or reimbursement payment
December 28th – Last day to submit an erequest for a purchasing card (Pcard) purchase

After these dates we will not have the ability to initiate a purchase until we go live on Workday in January.

Check your BuckeyeLearn transcript regularly for training you are expected to take to support your job duties when Workday goes live on January 3. Additional trainings can be found on the Work Day Training Resource Main Page.

December 7, 2020 - Deadlines and Updates

Travel Requests and Travel Reimbursements
Today, Monday, December 7th is the last day to initiate a travel request or travel reimbursement prior to the workday cutoff periods.  All travel requests entered today and subsequently approved will be processed.  After today, travel requests and reimbursement initiation will need to wait until we go live with workday on January 7th.

eTimesheet and eLeave Deadlines Ahead of Workday Transition
– the last day to enter time will be Saturday, January 2, 2021.
eLeave – the last day to submit and approve time off requests will be Thursday, December 31, 2020.
In preparation for Workday Go Live, employees and managers are requested to submit and approve time off requests for 2020 and timesheets prior to these dates. Any unapproved leave or timesheets will not carry over to Workday and will need to be resubmitted post-Go Live. 

IDP Training – Required
The Institutional Data Policy (IDP) requires annual training for those who use student information systems, HR, Payroll and Finance systems. All core users, managers and others who will be involved in initiating and approving administrative activities in the system are required to complete the IDP training prior to the Workday implementation on January 3. If you have not done so, please make time to log into BuckeyeLearn and complete the training before the end of December. The OCIO office will notify those individuals who have yet to complete this requirement. If you do not complete the IDP training prior to go-live, you will be unable to log into Workday.

Check your BuckeyeLearn transcript regularly for training you are expected to take to support your job duties when Workday goes live on January 3. Additional trainings can be found on the Work Day Training Resource Main Page.

December 4, 2020 - Support for University Business changes

When Workday goes live in January, local support contacts will be available to help answer basic questions around employee and manager functions. While they will not be able to solve every issue, their role is to make sure faculty and staff can complete basic transactions like viewing a pay slip, requesting travel, and updating personal information. Their role is also to help faculty and staff find the support they need – such as locating job aids or making connections for further assistance. 
- For HR support contact:
- For Finance support, contact your fiscal officer. If additional support is needed, contact: Desiree or  Lisa

Please complete the university’s Workday Readiness Survey before December 10, 2020 to share how you are feeling about the Workday resources you have received and how prepared you are for the transition to Workday.

Remember to check your BuckeyeLearn transcript regularly for assigned trainings. Workday goes live on January 3. Additional training can be found on the Work Day Training Resource Main PageView Workday to-do lists.

November 12, 2020 - OSP PCard Updates

OSP PCard Updates
Recent updates from the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and the Controller’s Office announced that the OSP Amex card program is going away effective November 18. This will result in a blackout period for PCard use on OSP grants.  Users are asked to use other purchasing avenues during this time period.  If you currently have an OSP Amex card, please work with your fiscal officer to determine if there is a need for a replacement OSP PNC Visa card.
- CFAES is discouraging individual PCards unless absolutely necessary.
- Upon Workday implementation, PCard holders will be required to submit their own expense reports (cannot delegate to another user).
- If you will be managing a PCard, please take the training on creating an expense report: Spend Authorizations and Expense Report Training

Check your BuckeyeLearn transcript regularly for assigned trainings. Workday goes live on January 3. Additional training can be found on the Work Day Training Resource Main Page. View Workday to-do lists.

November 5, 2020 - Workday Completion Timelines

Have you completed your assigned Workday training? Friday, November 13, is the University’s target deadline for progress on the following:
- GOAL: 50% of managers completed Manager Training
- GOAL: 50% of employees have completed expected Core User training

If you are required to complete one or both of the trainings listed above, they will be assigned to you in BuckeyeLearn. Check your BuckeyeLearn transcript regularly for assigned trainings. Workday goes live on January 3. Additional training can be found on the Work Day Training Resource Main Page. View Workday to-do lists.

Other Training Resources:
Workday Pop-UPs:  contains demonstrations and resources for Workday related tasks. Includes videos, PowerPoint presentations, and how to’s.
Workday Calendar: contains key dates related to Ohio State's Workday implementation and timing for when key processes end in the old system and restart within Workday.

October 29, 2020 - Explore Doing University Business Differently

The lab tenant is a Workday environment that you can access using your Ohio State credentials and experience Workday as yourself, with your security and data. Lab tenant login instructions can be found via this Box link: (link is external)

The goal of the lab tenant is to:  
- Allow you to validate your personal data 
- Important note: The lab tenant was created from PeopleSoft data pulled on June 12, 2020, so any changes since June 2020 do not need to be reported as data validation errors. 
- Practice navigation and suggested employee and manager transactions in Workday 
- Suggested transactions and support materials are available via this Box link: (link is external) 

If you have questions or feedback on data validation, training materials, or run into any issues running transactions, please provide feedback to the Enterprise Project via a Qualtrics survey form: (link is external).  

If you have any login issues, please contact  

October 23, 2020 - Streamlining University Business

One of the goals of Workday is to put the user experience first by streamlining business transactions, for consistent service delivery and increased efficiency.

Unifying administrative processes within a single system means one place for faculty and staff to accomplish many tasks. In place of using systems like eLeave, Employee Self-Service, Human Resources Action Request (HRA), and PeopleSoft, you will use Workday.
- Workday’s cloud-based infrastructure allows individuals to access and manage real-time information, anytime and anywhere.
- The system will refresh with automatic updates twice a year, introducing new capabilities to the entire enterprise at once.
Learn more:

October 15, 2020 - Learn to do University Business differently 

Workday training is underway! The expected training for each employee will vary based on job role and responsibilities. Check out your recommended training. Now is a good time to begin working through some of these trainings as Workday will be a self-service model in which tasks will not be able to be delegated.

Be sure to check your BuckeyeLearn transcript for training you are expected to take to support your job duties when Workday goes live on January 3. For a complete list of the expected and recommended training needed for your assigned security roles, review the Course Assignments by Security Role matrix (Box link). If you have trouble with the Box link, the matrix is available on the Enterprise Project's About Training page.

Remember, OSU Compass can be a quick shortcut to view assigned BuckeyeLearn trainings. If you go to and sign in, you can easily see if you have a Workday learning modules in the learning box to the bottom left of your screen.

October 8, 2020 - Changes to University Business

Workday will streamline university business starting in January 2021. Workday HR and Payroll go live on January 3 and Workday Finance and Supply Chain will follow on January 7. It will impact all of us as it is a self-service model and tasks will not be able to be delegated, unless you hold a college level administrative appointment (chairs/leadership). Tasks using Workday that will need to be completed by faculty include:
- purchasing goods and services
- requesting travel
- request positions (managers)
- request hires and separations (managers)
- viewing pay
- updating personal information
- selecting benefits
- tracking time and absence

These transactions will not look like how they did in the past. There will be several advantages including the ability to track progress of requests, which will save time. Other Workday wins include allowing us to be forward thinking, streamlining, and simplifying processes including a single central place to go for university operations. It will foster an environment of collaboration and transparency and give you greater visibility with access to current information – anytime, anywhere – learn more.

All training that core users are expected to take will be listed on an individual's BuckeyeLearn transcript. Training is assigned on a rolling basis, so check your ‘My Transcript’ often. Remember, OSU Compass can be a quick shortcut to view assigned BuckeyeLearn trainings. If you go to and sign in, you can easily see if you have a Workday learning modules in the learning box to the bottom left of your screen. These trainings are assigned based on your roles in PeopleSoft.

There will be more information about how this will look and work. More to come.


Policy and Procedure Updates

New Employee Orientation and Common Start Dates Begin November 9th

As part of the university’s continued HR Service Delivery initiative, we are pleased to announce the launch of the New Employee Orientation for regular and term staff hires. This university level orientation will introduce new Ohio State employees to being a Buckeye and set them up for success from their first day. To provide a consistent and quality orientation to employees from all OSU campuses, all newly hired staff will attend a virtual orientation via Zoom.

Orientation will take place every other Monday morning and will last for two and a half hours. Managers are asked to reserve this time for employee orientation. The first virtual orientation for campus employees will be Monday, November 9, 2020. Prior to their start dates, new employees will receive information on how to join the virtual orientation, as well as a packet of information about joining Ohio State.

Employee orientation for faculty, temporary staff, and students remain unchanged at this time.

To support the launch of the university staff orientation, Ohio State will implement common start dates for staff every other Monday, with the first common start date being Monday, November 9, 2020. Common start dates are not a new practice to CFAES; this change will bring alignment across all three of our campuses while promoting the one college concept no matter the location.

While students and temporary staff are excluded from this new process, we will implement a similar process with the college HR team for consistency purposes. This alignment will also address any turnaround time concerns following our transition to the university’s shared service center, HR Connection.

For more information on the new employee orientation, including dates visit or contact your HR Consuiltant.

Recruitment and Hiring Activities Key Dates and Deadlines

As November quickly approaches, we want to remind you of several key dates and deadlines as they pertain to recruitment and hiring activities within the college ahead of our transition to Workday. All published deadlines are internal to our college to ensure our HR team can meet the university deadlines. These dates may differ from other colleges; however, they are established to address the complexity, size and volume of activity of our college to ensure we are able to meet university deadlines.

Friday, November 6 at 5:00pm - CFAES hiring request deadline
All new hires with a start date of November 16, 2020 through January 8, 2021 must be requested by this date to ensure there are no delays. Any requests received after this date will be managed by on a case by case basis and may be delayed until after January 8, 2021.
   * This deadline is applicable to all hires, including semester Lecturers and Graduate Associate appointments.

Monday, November 9 at 5:00pm
Final deadline to submit requests to college HR team to post positions to the OSU Jobs website (

Saturday, November 21
- November 21 is the final posting date to the OSU Jobs website
- New postings will not be permitted after November 21st
- Recruitment efforts (i.e. screen applications, interviews, etc.) will be permitted throughout November and December as normal. Note, start dates will be impacted.

All hires and position postings must have an approved Hiring Pause Exception.

Sunday, November 22 – Friday January 8

Requests to post positions can be submitted during this time. However, we will be unable to post any positions until Saturday, January 9. A college process will be developed and communicated at a later date.

Saturday, January 9, 2021
First opportunity to post a position using WorkDay

Recruitment and hiring deadlines will be firm to support a successful transition to Workday. Feel free to reach out to your respective HR Consultant for planning assistance or questions.