Dean's Updates

Below is an archive of updates from Dr. Cathann A. Kress, Vice President for Agricultural Administration and Dean, College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences.

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December 11: Dean's Update
December 3: Dean's Update


November 20: Dean's Update
November 19: Urgent Update
November 16: Dean's Update
November 6: Dean's Update
Our New CFAES DEI Leadership | A Conversation with Dean Kress Recording | Transcript


October 28: Dean's Update
October 23: Dean's Update
October 16: Dean's Update
October 9: Dean's Update
October 1: Dean's Update


September 24: Dean's Update
September 18: Dean's Update
September 9: Welcome to Waterman President Johnson!
September 8: Dean's Update


August 28: Dean's Update
August 24: Dean's Update
August 20: Dean's Update
August 13: Dean's Update
August 4: Dean's Update


July 27: Dean's Update
July 20: CFAES Events and In-person Program Proposal Process
July 20: Dean's Update
July 14: Farm Science Review to be Held VirtuallyJuly 14: ATTACHMENT-Farm Science Review Press Release-7/14/20; July 14: ATTACHMENT-FSRTalkingPoints7/14/2020
July 8: Dean’s Update
July 1: CFAES Transition Team Update


June 26: Dean’s Update
June 22: Dean’s Update
June 18: University Health Reporting PilotJune 18: ATTACHMENTUniversity Health Reporting Pilot Screen Shots
June 8: CFAES Transition Team Update
June 1: College Leadership Structure Changes
June 1: Dean's Update


May 28: Dean's Update
May 1: Important_ Changes Coming to Zoom Default Settings to Increase Security (May 5th)


April 1: Dean's Update; April 1: ATTACHMENT-University_COVID_TIMELINE
April 3: Dean's Update
April 7: Dean's Update
April 7: HR - Leave Options During COVID-19 Emergency
April 14: Dean's Update
April 30: Dean's Update FAQs


March 30: Research Update
March 27: Dean's Update
March 25: Associate Dean for Extension Search Update
March 24: Dean's Update
March 20: Dean's Update
March 19: Mid-day Dean's Update
March 18: Dean's Update- RESEARCH
March 17: Mid-day CFAES Update 
March 16: Mid-day CFAES Update 
March 13: CFAES Mid-day CFAES Update
March 11_Mid-day CFAES Update
March 10: Afternoon Update - CFAES COVID-19
March 10: Morning Update - CFAES COVID-19
March 2: Monday Update


February 24: Monday Update
February 17: Monday Update
February 3: Monday Update


January 27: Monday Update
January 13: Monday Update
January 6: Monday Update