ATI students visit Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage

Students taught by D Elder and Nathan Crook at ATI in Wooster recently visited the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage in Beachwood near Cleveland. One of the students, Eric Moore, wrote the following:

“The experience I gained from my trip to the Maltz Museum was very fulfilling. As far as the actual content of the trip and the Jewish heritage, I had no previous knowledge. It was very interesting to see firsthand actual artifacts from their culture. It gave me a lot of respect for the Jewish culture seeing as they persevered through so much and are still going strong today.

“Another interesting part of the tour was getting to know the staff and faculty on a more personal level instead of a teacher-to-student relationship. I gained a lot more respect for all of the faculty members there after connecting with them on a more personal level. It was nice to hear that they weren’t out to get us and make us fail, but they were actually very interested in helping us and doing whatever they possibly could to help us succeed. That was probably one of the most reassuring things that I have ever heard in a very long time.

“Overall the trip was great on an educational and personal level. After talking with several of my friends who also attended the trip, we would love for the school to arrange more trips like this.”

The Maltz Museum describes itself as “the Museum of Diversity and Tolerance.” Details are at