Ohio State ATI re-envisioning report is released

As you know, one of the first re-envisioning processes we initiated last year was focused on the future of Ohio State ATI. With sponsorship by Linda Martin and Jim Kinder and with facilitation by Mitch Owens, the re-envisioning committee thought and acted very intentionally to create a set of recommendations for further consideration. I’m pleased to share the completed report with you for your review: go.osu.edu/ATIreenvisioning.

Throughout the report you will find some recommendations that we will likely move in the near term to implement. At the same time, there are recommendations that need and deserve additional conversation, input and consideration before final decisions can be made. We initiated discussion in late September on critical components of the recommendations during our college leadership retreat. In the coming months, I’ll share more about implementation teams and next steps as we continue to move this effort forward.

We have great opportunities to continue to grow Ohio State ATI and build on a very solid history and reputation. With enrollment growth the last two years, our trajectory is moving in the right direction; I look forward to working with many of you, including faculty and staff at Ohio State ATI, to build on our excellence so that we may continue to provide outstanding learning experiences for our students.  

As always, please feel free to share any immediate thoughts or feedback that you may have after reviewing the report.—Bruce McPheron