Ohio State climate series breaks big on iTunes U

The “Global Change, Local Impact” webinar series hosted by Ohio State’s Climate Change Outreach Team is now available on iTunes U as a course called “Climate Impacts in the Great Lakes.” Within its first week, the collection of 40-plus presentations on climate research, adaptation and education was featured by Apple and hit No. 1 on the list of iTunes U Top Courses.

“Climate Impacts in the Great Lakes” features researchers, government officials and private-sector representatives from across the U.S. The speakers cover topics ranging from the newest research on the impacts of climate change on wildlife and public health to new methods of mitigating and adapting to climate change for local communities. Ohio Sea Grant, which is leading the webinar series and iTunes U effort, will continue to update the course as new presentations are added to the series.

The course can be accessed at go.osu.edu/itunesclimate or by searching for the course title in the iTunes U catalog. In the first two weeks after its launch, it was visited almost 23,000 times and garnered more than 2,500 subscribers.—Christina Dierkes, Ohio Sea Grant Communications

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