Update on the Vice President’s Conversation on the Future of Extension

Extension colleagues: It’s hard to believe that it’s been more than two months since we gathered at the VP Summit during Annual Conference to begin imagining and talking about the future. We want to take a moment to thank you again for engaging in and providing such rich feedback from the visioning session at the summit. As many folks have told us, talking about the possibilities during that visioning session was a valued part of the activities that day. If you want to take a look at a summary of the ideas generated during the summit, visit go.osu.edu/SummaryVPSummit.

We have updated the materials available on the VP Conversation website. The trend research papers, a summary of the interim project report, an updated list of committee members and other materials that will help inform this second phase of the project have been added to the webpages. Be sure to check out the updated website at go.osu.edu/OSUEFuture

The VP Conversation committee is working on putting together a variety of ways you can continue to be involved and provide more visioning input. We’ll be sharing these opportunities soon, so keep an eye on your inbox to be sure to select one (or more) that will fit into your schedule. 

In his February webinar, Dean McPheron talked about the next few months for the VP Conversation, saying our organization’s challenge for this project is to prime ourselves to be adventurous and to be ready to adapt to the challenges that the future may bring. He has encouraged us to create, through our visioning sessions, opportunities that are enabling, rather than constraining, for our future organization and leaders. Watch it here if you haven’t yet had the opportunity to view it: cfaes.osu.edu/about/from-the-vp (scroll down to “Webinars to the College”).

We look forward to exploring these ideas with you in the coming months.Graham Cochran and Becky Nesbitt