VP Conversation on Future of Extension continues, and you can be part of the process

Extension future

"What will be the most challenging trends and issues for Ohioans by the year 2035? And what may be the best opportunities to leverage the strengths of the university and OSU Extension to address those issues?" These are two important questions that we need to answer! Through June of this year, the VP Conversation Steering Committee is gathering information from groups of stakeholders (broadly defined as those who have an interest in the future of Ohio and Ohioans) to record their ideas about future trends and issues. During 2014, this process will center on futuring -- discussing and researching thoughts and ideas about future trends. 

The VP Conversation Steering Committee has met with a variety of internal and external stakeholders to explore their thoughts and ideas about the most critical future trends and issues affecting Ohioans in the next 20 years. Additional dialogue sessions are being planned for stakeholders in each of the regions, in the urban/metro areas and with other identified individuals. If you've not yet had an opportunity to express your ideas, please visit the survey at go.osu.edu/Ohio2035 to share your thoughts.

In fall, after the trends and issues have been synthesized and rigorously researched, the focus of the conversation will transition to exploring "the best opportunities to leverage the strengths of the university and OSU Extension to address those issues." An opportunity for broad engagement among Extension staff will be at the VP Summit planned during one day of this year's Annual Conference. The VP Summit will provide exciting opportunities to learn more about the identified future trends and the opportunities Extension has to begin to anticipate and address these issues. 

The VP Conversation strategic foresight process will conclude in Spring 2015 with a report to the Dean and the organization that will combine futuring (best ideas about possible and probable futures) and visioning (an idea of our preferred future) to create and sustain a comprehensive long-term perspective combined with a desired outcome to help make the most of opportunities and be better prepared to respond to the critical needs of Ohioans.

To learn more about the VP Conversation, visit go.osu.edu/OSUEFuture.