Distinguished Professor of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

Luis E. Rodriguez-Saona
Professor, Department of Food Science and Technology

Dr. Luis Rodriguez-Saona is a professor in the CFAES Department of Food Science and Technology. His areas of expertise include application of Fourier Transform infrared (FT-NIR and mid-IR) spectroscopy in the field of food safety and quality assurance, and the development of predictive models for the rapid detection, identification, and classification of chemical & microbial contaminants and food components with biological activity.

Sudhir K. Sastry
Professor, Department of Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering

Dr. Sastry is a Professor in the CFAES Department of Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering and serves as the President of the Society of Food Engineering. He joined CFAES as an Associate Professor in 1987 and served as Interim Chair of the Department of Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering from 2010-2011. Dr. Sastry is a renowned researcher contributing over 40 years of valuable scientific and technological achievements in the development of advanced thermal and nonthermal food manufacturing technologies, making food safer for consumption. 

Brent Sohngen
Professor, Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics

Brent Sohngen is a professor of environmental and resource economics in the CFAES Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics at The Ohio State University. Dr. Sohngen received his doctorate in environmental and resource economics from Yale University in 1996. He conducts research on the economics of land use change, the design of incentive mechanisms for water and carbon trading, carbon sequestration, and valuation of environmental resources. Dr. Sohngen developed a global forest and land use model that has been widely used to assess the implications of climate change on ecosystems and markets, and to assess the costs of carbon sequestration in forests. He co-authored sections of the 2001 and 2007 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports, and he co-authored the forestry chapter of the most recent U.S. National Climate Assessment Report.