Support Waterman Agricultural and Natural Resources Laboratory

People are disconnected from how the food they eat gets to their plate. 

CFAES is trying to change that at its Waterman Lab, a 261-acre living laboratory right in the heart of Ohio State’s Columbus campus. 

CFAES’ goal of having every single student at Ohio State have a hands-on experience at Waterman will change the level of understanding students have of food systems. CFAES students will be more knowledgeable and better informed to make decisions. 

To do this, CFAES needs to give Waterman a facelift. New, cutting-edge facilities to showcase modern advances in controlled environment food production and the planned Multispecies Animal Learning Center (MALC) will give students the resources to gain this understanding, while students majoring in related disciplines will have world-class facilities in which to learn. 

These facilities will bring the Ohio State community together to address critical challenges such as food security, sustainability, and opportunities between rural and urban residents—preparing the next generation of scientists and leaders, and studying the health of humans, animals, and the environment. 

Your gift matters. Together, with your support, CFAES will improve its student leadership opportunities, elevate its research, translate science into practical knowledge, and turn Waterman into a model for sustainable food systems. 

Give Now

Consider a gift to support the Waterman Facilities Fund (#316494). Let’s make a difference together. Contact the CFAES Office of Advancement at 614-292-0473 or for details.