Smokin’! Bacon vending machine proves a hit

Business was sizzling last month in CFAES’ Animal Science Building. A new bacon vending machine drew lines of customers—students, faculty, staff, even CFAES Dean Cathann Kress and Ohio State President Michael Drake—and attention from local, national, and international media. Frequent refills were needed; people pigged out. The Ohio Pork Council developed the machine with help from CFAES student Meghann Winters, a senior agricultural communication major who works as the council’s communications coordinator. Planned to be temporary, the machine was installed for finals week, stayed in place through Dec. 13, and then was herded away. It served to raise funds for the Meat Science Club.

Read more about it on the Department of Animal Sciences’ website. Check out media coverage examples by USA Today, NBC’s Today Show, and the Columbus DispatchSee further examples of the coverage here and under “In the News” in this newsletter. Watch our own CFAES video about the machine here.