Sarah Williams wins Residence Life Academic Partner of the Year award

Sarah Williams’ work with two learning communities has earned her one big honor. Williams, who is CFAES’ academic program coordinator, student success experiences, recently was named Ohio State’s Residence Life Academic Partner of the Year for 2018–2019. Janet Steinbacher, assistant director of academic initiatives in Ohio State’s University Housing department, said the award goes to someone who helps the department offer “meaningful experiences to residential students in a clustered living environment”—in this case, the CFAES Learning Community and CFAES’ Kellogg-Moser Food Security and Sustainability Learning Community.

“Knowing that the department shares community, inclusion, wellness, and learning as our core four values, all of our programs, including our learning communities, work hard to promote experiences around these topic areas for our students,” Steinbacher said. “We appreciate the work that Sarah has done to engage students in two different learning communities.” Included in that work has been inviting CFAES faculty members to join the communities’ monthly dinners, which Steinbacher said both the students and faculty have enjoyed; and focusing on student wellness, including organizing a stress reduction workshop led by CFAES’ embedded counselor.