NCURA Peer Review


Background and Earlier Information

On November 1 - 4, 2016, the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Science (CFAES) hosted three nationally recognized research administrators who reviewed the CFAES research enterprise as part of the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) peer review program.  

This review, similar in nature to an academic program review, was done to ensure that CFAES is appropriately organized to advance excellence in research and creative accomplishments.

The review utilized National Standards developed by NCURA, which represent indicators of effective operations in the areas of:

  • Proposal Services
  • Award Acceptance and Initiation
  • Award Management
  • Research Ethics
  • Organizational Structure and Staffing
  • Communications, Outreach, and Education
  • Compliance and Risk Assessment
  • Electronic Research Administration

Briefing Book

Prior to the review, a detailed briefing book describing current practices and operations of the CFAES enterprise was prepared for the reviewers containing:

  • Introduction
  • Research Background Information
  • Institutional Infrastructure: Operational Structure and Staffing
  • Institutional Infrastructure: Communication, Outreach, Education
  • Institutional Infrastructure:  Risk Assessment and Electronic Research Administration
  • Core Operations: Proposal Services
  • Core Operations: Award Acceptance and Initiation
  • Core Operations: Award Management
  • Core Operations: Research Ethics

During the on-campus visit, the NCURA representatives met with numerous individuals and groups, using the briefing book as a guide for their inquiries and basis for the final report. 

We are currently reviewing the final report and will begin exploring how to best implement the recommendations in the report.