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  1. Economic recovery has not yet reached many rural areas across the U.S. (Photo: Getty Images)

    COLUMBUS, Ohio — Many rural counties in Ohio and across the nation are facing dwindling populations, reduced agricultural income and lagging job growth. Since the nationwide recession ended in 2009...

  2. A close-up look at waterhemp. Photo: CFAES.

    Tip 1: Weeds spreading: With so much waterhemp invading gardens and fields across Ohio right now, it’s important to consider one way the pesticide resistant weed is spreading. Cows, pigs and chickens...

  3. Photo: Thinkstock

    I clean my grill each time after I cook on it, using a steel wire grill brush to keep the grease and grime from building up on the grill racks. I’ve used the same brush for a couple of years now...


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  1. Vlade Janakievski, former Ohio State Football and Soccer player, giving a lecture about having the courage and dedi…
    9 hours 2 min ago
  2. Join us for the Muck Crops Field Day on July 26. The field day will showcase research for vegetable producers and g…
    9 hours 9 min ago
  3. Jacob Holley and Cecilia Stone are tending to a sticky trap used to monitor the population of the brown marmorated…
    1 day 9 hours ago
  4. Join us for Manure Science Review July 25 near Forest, OH.
    1 day 9 hours ago
  5. Cilantro harvest at the CFAES Muck Crops Agricultural Research Station near Willard, OH.
    2 days 13 hours ago

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