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    Since corned beef is pink, how do you know if it’s fully cooked? And why is it pink anyway? Corned beef is a brined, tougher cut of meat that can be either the brisket, rump or round that many Americans...

  2. PHOTO: Front row, from left: Alumni Board President Cyndi Brill, Dale Seiberling, Ming-Tsao Chen, Alexander Grobman, Clifford Baughman, Dean Cathann Kress, Rohini Desai Mulchandani, Edison Fowlks. Back row, from left, Michael Day, Kent Hammond, Carl Zulauf, Joel Korte, Kevin Fath, W. Kirk Miller. Not pictured: Nutsuda Sumonsiri. Photo: College Office of Advancement.

    COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Congratulations to the recipients of 2018 Alumni Awards from the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) at The Ohio State University. “Each of our award recipients...

  3. Tariffs on steel and aluminum imports could have costly ramifications for Ohio soybean farmers. (Photo: Thinkstock)

    COLUMBUS, Ohio — In a state whose biggest agricultural export is soybeans, growers of the crop perhaps should be leery. Tariffs on imported aluminum and steel, which President Trump imposed March 8 could have...


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