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  1. (Photo: Andrew Klopfenstein)

    Digital Agriculture program celebrates Ohio State’s sesquicentennial

    LONDON, Ohio—For the past 150 years, The Ohio State University has been a leader in advancements in agriculture and engineering. And now, using precision agriculture technology, Ohio State researchers are able to show how technology can be used to create an image of a logo commemorating the university’s 150th anniversary in a soybean field. This is the fifth year that Ohio State’s Digital Agriculture program has demonstrated GPS-guided “smart planting” for multiple hybrids of corn and soybeans. This year’s specially planted field takes the shape of the symbol of Ohio State’s sesquicentennial. The soybeans planted to create the logo matured faster than the brighter, greener soybeans that form the image’s background. “This being...
  2. Photo by Dee Jepsen

    Using Virtual Reality to Promote Farm Safety

    LONDON, Ohio – Agricultural safety professionals with the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at The Ohio State University (CFAES) will use virtual reality to educate and prepare farmers to be safe on the farm, during a demonstration and exhibit offered at the annual Farm Science Review, Sept. 18-20. The exhibit will use virtual reality to demonstrate commercial and industrial fall protection systems and practices. The 3-5 minute experience will offer Review attendees a simulated experience on the roof of a two-story building where they can locate common fall hazards and select proper fall protection equipment. Studies show that the closer a safety training program can replicate reality, the more those trainings will stick, organizers said. Virtual...
  3. World’s Largest Script Ohio Shows the Power of Precision Agriculture

    LONDON, Ohio — On their way to the 56th annual Farm Science Review, Sept. 18-20, some 130,000 visitors will likely pass hundreds of acres of soybean fields. But one field in particular is sporting more Buckeye pride than any other. From an aerial view, the world’s largest Script Ohio emerges from a 100-acre field just east of the Molly Caren Agricultural Center in London, site of the Review.   For the past four years, The Ohio State University’s Precision Agriculture program has demonstrated GPS-guided “smart planting” using multiple corn hybrids. The team brought Buckeye spirit to the field with a simple block “O” in 2015, Brutus Buckeye in 2016, and Ohio State Athletics Block O last year. Now, Precision Agriculture has brought the Ohio...