CFAES News Archive

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Bain Wilson joins CFAES as livestock evaluation specialist, new Ohio State ATI coaching position announced 04/16/21
The roots of slowing climate change are in trees 04/12/21
Chow Line: Fridge organization can lessen food waste 04/09/21
Ohio State forms food industry consortium to advance commercialization of ultra-shear technology for liquid foods and beverages processing 04/07/21
ODA And OSU Extension Kick Off 2021 Ohio Victory Gardens Program 04/02/21
Hoping to start a meat-processing plant? Here’s some help 03/29/21
Chow Line: COVID-19 quarantine weight gain 03/26/21
Ohio State ATI to pilot mikeroweWORKS Work Ethic Certification 03/25/21
Dandelions back in full swing on farms 03/24/21
Chow Line: Sweet potato fries are a healthy, delicious option 03/19/21
Time of the essence for pesticide and fertilizer applicator recertification 03/16/21
Chow Line: Cooking corned beef safely 03/12/21
Health care and weather distressing farmers 03/08/21
Chow Line: Raw or cooked vegetables? 03/05/21
Chow Line: Is it food poisoning? 02/25/21
Global Water Institute leads effort to improve water and food security with the Navajo Nation 02/25/21
Treasurer Sprague, Ohio State partner to advance “real money. Real world.” curriculum 02/24/21
Chow Line: Nonperishable foods to stock up on in advance of a snowstorm 02/19/21
Conference to discuss progress on NW Ohio water quality efforts 02/17/21
Chow Line: Yes, dark chocolate can be a healthy choice for Valentine’s Day 02/12/21
Ohio State CFAES names its top 25 seniors 02/10/21
Dispelling the myths: Face masks work to prevent COVID-19 02/08/21
Chow Line: New dietary guidelines offer some changed recommendations 02/05/21
Using candy to sniff out probable cases of COVID-19 01/27/21
CFAES names 2020–2021 Distinguished Professors 01/22/21