Hops Production Field Day is July 17


WOOSTER, Ohio -- Interested in hops production? Growers, craft brewers, home brewers and gardeners are welcome to learn about Ohio’s growing beer industry during the Hops Production Field Day on July 17.

Sponsored by Ohio State University Extension, the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC) and Ohio State University South Centers at Piketon, the workshop is designed to ensure that interested growers are kept up to date with the latest research on growing hops, said Brad Bergefurd, a horticulturist with OSU Extension and OARDC. 

OSU Extension and OARDC are the outreach and research arms, respectively, of Ohio State’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences.

The workshop will feature speakers discussing topics key in successful hops production, including how to get started, disease and pest control, horticultural practices, product processing and marketing, he said. The workshop will also feature Mary Gardiner, an Ohio State entomologist, and Chelsea Smith, an Ohio State entomology research assistant.

“Every year there is an increase in the number of craft brewers across Ohio, but currently, there is no strong supply of local hops,” Bergefurd said. “Workshops such as these will hopefully provide information for interested growers to take home and use to boost the hops production industry to the point where there is a sustainable supply of locally sourced hops.

“Having this event at the hops yard is important so potential growers can get an idea of the work required to be successful. Attending the event is especially helpful for interested brewers because they will have the opportunity to ask experts questions regarding Ohio hops production.”

Other topics to be discussed will include:

  • Trellis construction
  • Planting of hops rhizomes
  • Training of vines
  • Drip irrigation
  • Landscape fabric, weed control
  • Insect management
  • Food safety and Good Agricultural Practices (GAPS)
  • Hops for Ohio craft brewers
  • Harvesting
  • Processing
  • Ohio MarketMaker and marketing techniques
  • Disease management
  • Variety evaluations
  • Yard establishment economics

Participants will also be able to take a tour of the JAFB Wooster Brewery at 120 Beall Ave., in Wooster.

The workshop is from 5-8:30 p.m. at OARDC’s Horticultural Research Unit 2, 5082 Oil City Rd., Wooster. Registration is $15, due by July 14. Contact Charissa McGlothin at 740-289-2071, ext.132, or mcglothin.4@osu.edu for more information or to register.

CFAES News Team
For more information, contact: 

Charissa McGlothin
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