OARDC Presents 2013 Employee Service and Achievement Awards

OARDC employee awards

WOOSTER, Ohio -- The Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC), the research arm of Ohio State University’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES), yesterday (10/3) announced the winners of its annual service and achievement awards.

The awards were presented by OARDC Director Steve Slack and OARDC Associate Director David Benfield during the center’s annual Employee Appreciation Night at the Shisler Conference Center in Wooster.

OARDC Outstanding Staff Awards: Cynthia Coy, Animal Sciences, Wooster; Jennifer Moyseenko, Horticulture and Crop Science (HCS), Wooster. The awards, which honor excellent service to customers and colleagues, are given each year to two non-faculty OARDC employees who are chosen by a committee of their peers.

35 Years of Service: Kenneth Cochran, Secrest Arboretum, Wooster; Gregory K. Ferrell, University Police, Wooster; John Heywood, School of Environment and Natural Resources (SENR), Columbus; James Karcher, Research Operations, Wooster; Barbara Mekoleske, Renovations Planning, Wooster; Glen Needham, Entomology, Columbus; Ramona Powell, Plant Pathology, Columbus; Donna Wyatt, Animal Sciences, Wooster.

30 Years of Service: Mary Capoccia, SENR, Columbus; Tom Danneberger, HCS, Columbus; Hannah Gehman, Food Animal Health Research Program, Wooster; Thomas N. Gilt, Shisler Conference Center, Wooster; Dennis W. Hall, Ohio BioProducts Innovation Center, Columbus; Jeff Imhoff, Facilities Services, Wooster; Craig Jones, Northwest Outlying Agricultural Research Station, Custar; Doris Majerczak, Plant Pathology, Columbus; Gwen Wolford, Director’s Office, Columbus.

25 Years of Service: Robert Agunga, Human and Community Resource Development (HCRD), Columbus; Troy Aldrich, HCS, Wooster; Randall Berry, Research Operations, Wooster; Philip Bicker, Facilities Services, Wooster; Larry C. Brown, Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering (FABE), Columbus; Jamie Cano, HCRD, Columbus; John Cardina, HCS, Wooster; Nora Chupp-Hitchcock, Facilities Services, Wooster; Earl Epstein, SENR, Columbus; James D. Franks, Facilities Services, Wooster; Brian Heskitt, Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering (FABE), Columbus; Eugene V. Howell Jr., Renovations Planning, Wooster; David Kost, SENR, Wooster; Mario J. Miranda, Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics (AEDE), Columbus; Bobby Moser, Agricultural Administration, Columbus; John Phillips, Research Operations, Wooster; Kenneth L. Scaife, Research Operations/Outlying Agricultural Research Stations, Wooster; Bill Weiss, Animal Sciences, Wooster.

20 Years of Service: Allen Geyer, HCS, Columbus; David Lohnes, Information Technology (IT), Wooster; Douglas Peyton, Facilities Services, Wooster.

15 Years of Service: Andy Anderson, Research Operations, Wooster; Michael Chakerian, Animal Sciences, Columbus; Liming Chen, SENR, Wooster; Douglas Doohan, HCS, Wooster; Julie Fox, OSU South Centers, Piketon; Robert Gates, SENR, Columbus; Elena Irwin, AEDE, Columbus; Joan Galbraith Jerauld, Animal Sciences, Columbus; Gonul Kaletunc, FABE, Columbus; Matthew D. Kleinhenz, HCS, Wooster; Michael Klingman, FABE, Wooster; Tomas Koontz, SENR, Columbus; Peter Ling, FABE, Wooster; Mary E. Mason, Entomology, Delaware; Randy McGlothlin, Facilities Services, Wooster; Kevin Miller, Animal Sciences, Wooster; Cheri Nemes, HCS, Wooster; Eileen Ramsay, HCS, Wooster; F. William Ravlin, Director’s Office, Wooster; Brian Roe, AEDE, Columbus; Jeff Sharp, SENR, Columbus; Pamela Sherratt, HCS, Columbus; Philip Shriver, Research Operations, Wooster; Laura Tiu, OSU South Centers, Piketon; Alan Welch, OSU South Centers, Piketon; Macdonald Wick, Animal Sciences, Columbus; Roger A. Williams, SENR, Columbus; Ernest Witney IV, HCS, Columbus; Bruce Woodruff, University Police, Wooster.

10 Years of Service: Nicholas Basta, SENR, Columbus; Luis Canas, Entomology, Wooster; Thomas P. Cole, Shisler Conference Center, Wooster; Imed Dami, HCS, Wooster; Jane E. Douglas, Human Resources, Wooster; Jerry Driggs, OSU South Centers, Piketon (posthumous); Stanley Gehrt, SENR, Columbus; Bill Hutchison, Facilities Services, Wooster; Steven Lower, SENR, Columbus; Jennifer Moyseenko, HCS, Wooster; Paul O’Bryant, OSU South Centers, Piketon; Pierce Paul, Plant Pathology, Wooster; Yogendra Raut, OSU South Centers, Piketon; Eric Renze, HCS, Columbus; Luis Rodriguez-Saona, Food Science and Technology, Columbus; Hannah H. Roscoe, Shisler Conference Center, Wooster; Matthew Shilling, University Police, Wooster; Keith Sundermeier, Research Operations, Bowling Green; Hanping Wang, OSU South Centers, Piketon.

Also honored during the program were OARDC’s 2013 retirees: Susan Carson, HCS, Wooster; Nora Chupp-Hitchcock, Facilities Services, Wooster; Craig Davis, SENR, Columbus; Earl Epstein, SENR, Columbus; James D. Franks, Facilities Services, Wooster; John Heywood, SENR, Columbus; Joseph Kovach, Entomology, Wooster; Jody Lanham, IT, Wooster; Bobby Moser, Agricultural Administration, Columbus; Glen Needham, Entomology, Columbus; Robert Precheur, HCS, Columbus; Mo Saif, Food Animal Health Research Program, Wooster; Sharon Seiling, Consumer Sciences, Columbus; Michael Skidmore, Facilities Services, Wooster; Kathryn Stafford, Consumer Sciences, Columbus; Alan Welch, OSU South Centers, Piketon.

OARDC employees work at the center’s campus in Wooster, on Ohio State’s main campus in Columbus and at nine Outlying Agricultural Research Stations.

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