Time to request media credentials for Farm Science Review

Ohio State's Aaron Wilson

LONDON, Ohio—This year’s Farm Science Review, set for Sept. 20-22, offers numerous events, exhibits, and presentations of interest to members of the media. 

Sponsored by The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES), the annual farm show is celebrating its 60th year in 2022. It takes place at the Molly Caren Agricultural Center near London, Ohio, and annually draws more than 100,000 people. 

Media members will need tickets to get in and parking passes for the news media lot. For those, please request by visiting go.osu.edu/mediaRSVP. The requested number of admission tickets and parking passes will be mailed to you by Friday, Sept. 9.

Send in your request now, so you don’t miss these 2022 FSR offerings:

  • The Talk on Friday Avenue, formerly known as the Tobin Talk, will address “Global Uncertainty and the Heartland.” It will be moderated by Chris Zoller, Tuscarawas County agricultural and natural resources (ANR) educator, and Ohio’s top ANR county Extension educator in 2021. Panel members will include three faculty members from the CFAES Department of Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics: Ian Sheldon, professor and Andersons Chair of Agricultural Marketing, Trade, and Policy; Ani Katchova, professor and farm income enhancement chair; and Seungki Lee, assistant professor with expertise in environmental economics, climate change, and the impact of new technologies in the agricultural sector.
  • Media will be able to meet with and interview Cathann A. Kress, CFAES vice president for agricultural administration and dean, on Tuesday, 2-3 p.m. at the FSR Ernst Media Center.
  • More than 100 educational sessions on a range of topics will include USDA programs for beginning farmers; home processing of food animals; the state of ticks in Ohio; how to determine the value of your forest land; grassland ecosystems; coyote and black vulture predation management; poisonous plants of the garden and landscape, and a spotted lanternfly update.
  • Also included are more than 700 exhibitors, comprehensive field crop demonstrations, and a career exploration fair. 
  • Immersive virtual reality videos of agricultural activities will also be presented. 

For more information and to see news releases about Farm Science Review, visit fsr.osu.edu.

Sherrie R. Whaley
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