Wilson named field specialist, Ag Weather and Climate at Ohio State

Aaron Wilson

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Aaron Wilson has been hired as a field specialist, ag weather and climate for Ohio State University Extension in The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES).

Wilson, who previously served as a climate specialist for OSU Extension and as a research scientist with the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center, began his new position Aug. 15, said Jacqueline Kirby Wilkins, associate dean and director, OSU Extension. OSU Extension is the outreach arm of CFAES.

“Aaron is passionate about understanding and communicating about weather,” Wilkins said. “This new position will work in tandem with our other field specialists who are focusing on several current top-priority agricultural topics.

“Aaron will coordinate his efforts with CFAES research faculty, ag producers, and our commodity and industry partners to translate science and provide immediately applicable options for ag professionals.”

Wilson's new role includes expanding and strengthening climate services to help OSU Extension educators, field and state specialists, deliver robust, usable information throughout the state. He’ll also work to help farmers and agronomists. Wilson will also continue to serve as the OSU Extension liaison to the U. S. Department of Agriculture Midwest Climate Hub, a position he has held since 2021.

“Climate, and the effect it has on weather, is impacting all sectors of agriculture and natural resources,” said Sam Custer, interim assistant director, Agriculture and Natural Resources, OSU Extension. “Bringing Aaron officially onto our cross-disciplinary college team is the next step for Ohio State to help address these important issues as we plan for the future.”

Wilson’s work will also include enhancing curriculum and programs focused on Climate Smart Agriculture to bolster Ohio’s agricultural resilience to climate change. He also will work to attract professionals and students to OSU Extension’s ag weather and climate team to expand reach and capacity across Ohio, in the Midwest, nationwide, and abroad.

“I believe in building strong relationships and collaborations to help meet the goals of our land-grant university and our partners across the region,” Wilson said.

Prior to joining OSU Extension full-time, Wilson served as a climate specialist for OSU Extension since 2017, while also working as a research scientist for the Byrd Polar Research and Climate Center since 2018. Prior to that, starting in 2008, he worked as a research associate in several roles at the Byrd Center.

Wilson joins other OSU Extension field specialists, who each have a particular subject matter focus and provide overall leadership for a comprehensive teaching and applied research program to address statewide issues. Field specialists work to expand existing partnerships, develop new relationships, and foster collaborations across the state, including with university researchers, to complement local Extension educators’ efforts.

Other topics addressed by Extension field specialists include beef cattle; community economics; agronomic systems; dairy management and precision livestock; food, nutrition, and wellness; energy development; manure nutrient management systems; community economics; agricultural and resource law; food safety; youth nutrition and wellness; family wellness; and organizational and community leadership development.

“Please join OSU Extension in welcoming Aaron to this role,” said Wilkins. “How we deal with weather and climate-related concerns will have a major impact on the continued success of Ohio’s agricultural industry.

“Aaron’s work will be vital to help all Ohioans adapt to climate changes and maximize our relationship with weather in the future.”

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