Agricultural Diversification Research Tour

Project and collaborating personnel:

  • Casey Hoy, Agroecosystems Management Program and Initiative for Food and Agricultural Transformation

  • Suranga Basnagala, Agroecosystems Management Program

  • John Nebesky, Entomology

  • Steve Culman, School of Environment and Natural Resources

  • Allen Klaiber, Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics

  • David Barker, Horticulture and Crop Science

  • Subbu Kumarappan, Ohio State ATI

  • Reed Johnson, Entomology

  • Matthew Mariola, College of Wooster

  • Amyaz Moledina, College of Wooster

  • M. Soledad Benitez Ponce, Plant Pathology

  • Ana M. Vazques-Catoni, Plant Pathology

  • Anthony Parker, Animal Sciences

  • Hafiz Abdullah, Animal Sciences

  • Michael Sword, Farm Operations

  • Gerald Reid, Farm Operations

  • Kevin Armstrong, Agroecosystems Management Program

  • Wei Chen, Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics

Discussion topics:

  • Scales of Diversification and Markets.
  • Ecosystem Services in Diverse Systems (pest control, soil improvement and fertility, pollinator support, and biomass production).
  • Ecosystem and Landscape Pressures on a Small Farm.• Diverse Vegetable Production.
  • Pastured Poultry and Chicken Tractors.
  • Oilseed as an Alternative Crop in Rotations.
  • Hull-Less “Naked” Oats Culture.
  • Pasture Establishment and Management for a Diversified System.
  • Value-Added Products.

We expect to discuss all the benefits and challenges we faced during the last three years, including trends in arthropods and plant species on pasture plots; yield of poultry, vegetables with no added fertilizers, and inorganic pesticides; ecosystem services; and your questions and experience.


From Wooster, take U.S. 30 west. Approximately 1 mile west of the U.S. 250 interchange turn right onto Jefferson Road. Travel approximately 800 feet to the stop sign and turn left onto W. Old Lincoln Way. Drive 1.8 miles. The farm is on the right.

For more information:

Read about the Mellinger Farm’s research on diversification strategies for small and mid-sized farms at