Bullying and Career Ascension for Women and Minorities

In this timely two-part webinar series, Dr. Leah Hollis, author of Bully in the Ivory Tower and the Coercive Community College, addresses the alarming rates of bullying in the higher education workplace, including the emotional and fiscal cost of employee disengagement. Dr. Hollis will provide higher education case studies, actionable best practices for identifying and addressing bullying in your workplace, and resources to empower your employees. 

Part 2: Bullying and Career Ascension for Women and Minorities
Thursday, March 29, 2018, 10 PT/11 MT/12 CT/1 ET

Building on the first part of the series, Dr. Hollis will take a deep dive into how workplace bullying disproportionately affects women and equity in the workplace. Dr. Hollis will interrogate the power dynamics affecting career ascension and provide strategies for re-balancing the power dynamic.