Environmental Professionals Network - Prosperity and Well-Being in Ohio Communities

May 14, 2019, 7:15am - 2:00pm
Free for students, $10 non-members
Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center
Nicole Jackson

Building Relationships to Increase Prosperity and Well-Being in Ohio Communities 

Co-Host: Ohio State University Extension  

Program Overview:  

Extraordinary fundraising success in a rural county and saving the Columbus Crew –what do these two stories have in common? Please join this Environmental Professionals Network Breakfast program to explore the ins and outs of two very successful community movements, touching on the layers of relationships that community leaders drew upon to enhance and preserve their community assets.

With two very recent, unique, exceptional and successful Ohio-based experiences –one set in a rural county and another in Ohio’s most populous region –we ask Morgan Hughes with Save the Crew and Cindy Bond with the Guernsey County Foundation, “how and why did people support their community-level cause?” 

Attend this program, co-hosted with The Ohio State University Extension, to hear two very interesting stories and to consider the social relationships that underpin successful mobilization of people and financial giving. Systems of community resources –in the form of social, cultural, political, human and financial assets –can be aligned with the conservation of our environment and natural resources.

Dr. Joe Campbell will moderate this program to highlight creative thinking and community development strategies that build purposeful collaborative connections to achieve community goals. This EPN Breakfast is intended for community workers, non-profit volunteers, students and sustainability professionals alike!  

EPN Breakfast = $10

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