Exploding Myths About Transgender and Nonbinary People

Although transgender and nonbinary people have gained significant visibility over the past decade, numerous misconceptions and stereotypes still exist and create environments that are unwelcoming or even hostile to people with gender identities that fall outside of cisnormativity (i.e., the belief that being cisgender, or not transgender, is the “normal” and “correct” way of being). Beliefs rooted in long-held myths about people who have for centuries defied conventional gender norms must be challenged and replaced in order to create environments that are inclusive of all genders, not just those who are cisgender. In this 90-minute workshop we will cover basic terminology and differentiate identities related to gender and sex that frequently get confused. We will address several common myths and misconceptions about transgender and non-binary people and identify strategies for creating welcoming and inclusive environments for people of all genders, including those who challenge cisnormative expectations. Ways that cisgender people can serve as allies to transgender and nonbinary people will be identified. 

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An optional debrief session will take place on July 6th, 12pm - link will be provided during the workshop