How Implicit Associations Can Thwart Equitable Hiring Decisions

Associations are mental shortcuts our brains develop to connect ideas or things and reduce processing time. While not inherently bad, associations can manifest in the form of implicit, or unconscious, bias. When left unmitigated, implicit bias can influence the way we treat others, including our perception of candidates during the hiring process. In this 90-min workshop we will explore the features of implicit bias, how it is formed, and the impact it can have on the evaluation of candidates in the hiring process. Strategies for mitigating the impact of bias in the hiring process will be outlined.

After attending in this program participants will be able to:

  • Understand associations and their role in the formation of biases that can interfere both consciously and unconsciously in the way we perceive and treat others
  • Recognize how bias, both explicit and implicit, can impede equitable hiring decisions
  • Evaluate their own implicit biases through the use of a scientific tool designed to identify implicit associations
  • Utilize strategies for mitigating the impact of bias in the hiring process