Landscape, Turf and Ornamental Webinar

Mar 4, 2021, 9:00am - 4:00pm
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Thursday, February 25, 2021
Online Webinar
Pesticide Safety Education Program


Landscape, Turf and Ornamental

March 4, 2021

Categories Offered:
4a - Forestry
5 - Industrial Vegetation
6a - Ornamental Pest
6c- Ornamental Weed
6d - Greenhouse
8 - Turfgrass


Five total hours, including one hour of core!

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Time Presentation Speaker
8:30 Log In - (Required) - Webinar overview and requirements 
9:00 Core - Conserving Pollinators in Landscape and Turf, Part 1 Dr. Dan Potter, UK
9:35 Core - Conserving Pollinators in Landscape and Turf, Part 2 Dr. Dan Potter, UK
10:10 6d - Greenhouse - Spider Mite Management Dr. Luis Cañas, OSUE
10:45 8 - Turf Weed - New Products for Grasses and Broadleaf Weeds Dr. David Gardner, OSUE
11:20 6c - Ornamental Weed - Weed Control in Landscape Beds Dr. David Gardner, OSUE
12:00 Lunch
1:00 4a -Forestry - Decay in the Urban Forest Erik Draper, OSUE
1:35 8 - Turf - Turf Pest Update Dr. David Shetlar, OSUE
2:10 8- Turf - Diagnostic and Fungicide Update Todd Hicks, OSUE
2:45 6a - Ornamental Pest - Asian Longhorned Beetle Joe Boggs, OSUE
3:20 5 - Industrial Vegetation - Woody Vegetation in the Landscape Kathy Smith, OSUE
4:00 Dismiss

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