Overcoming Academia's Top Workplace Obstacles - Part 2

When asked to name their top workplace challenges, 3,000 academic leaders overwhelmingly said #1 was “working with difficult people,” and #2 was “leading change.” Dr. R. Kent Crookston draws on the wisdom of seasoned department chairs, academic and professional literature, and his own experience as a department head and dean (plus 8 years as director of academic leadership and development at BYU) to offer practical guidance on how to handle these two challenges – specifically how to act when things go wrong, but more importantly how to ensure that things go right. His suggestions will be offered in a three-part series.

Part 2: Succeeding with Difficult People: Steps 1, 2 and 3
Thursday, April 12th, 2018, 10 PT/11 MT/12 CT/1 ET

In the first half of this difficult-people webinar, participants will consider the critical importance of clarifying values and expectations, following policy and building trust with colleagues. Although we are prone to want to spend our time correcting things that are going wrong, much time and effort must be spent, with input from colleagues, on these three steps which help assure that things go right. They set the stage for taking action (see next webinar).