Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth: A Webinar Series for Parents, 4-H Leaders, and Youth-Serving Adults (Part 1)

This 2-part webinar series will cover important information for parents and adults who work with LGBTQ+ youth and strive to foster an inclusive environment so that all youth can thrive. FREE and open to the public. Note: you can register for both parts using the registration link.

Part One: Introduction to LGBTQ+ Identities

Have you ever seen the acronym LGBTQQ2SIAAP or some variation thereof and wondered what it means? In this 60-minute webinar, we will define basic LGBTQ+ terminology and provide important statistics about LGBTQ+ youth. This introductory session is intended for individuals who have limited or no experience with LGBTQ+ culture or identities. The session will conclude with an examination of the Gender Elephant, a model that helps frame different, but interconnected identities associated with attraction and gender identity. Participants will be encouraged to reflect on their own identities between sessions one and two. Session two will begin with an opportunity for discussion.

If you have any questions about this program please contact Laura Stanton (

If you require an accommodation such as live captioning to participate in this event, please contact Laura Akgerman at akgerman.4@osu.edu4 or 614-292-0622. Requests made 10 days prior to the event will generally allow us to provide seamless access, but the university will make every effort to meet every request.

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