The Nathan Fechheimer Memorial Lecture Series in Animal Breeding and Production

Apr 15, 2019, 11:00am - 12:30pm
212 Animal Science Bldg & 122 Gerlaugh Hall
Ale Relling

Dr. Kelly Swanson

University of Illinois
Department of Animal Sciences and Division of Nutritional Sciences

Monday, April 15 at 11am

Specialized Diets for Pets: Options & Considerations (Columbus)
11:00am in 212 Animal Science videolinked to 122 Gerlaugh Hall


Dr. Swanson’s research is contributing to the development of quality foods for companion animals and dietary guidelines to help prevent obesity and other health-related issues in humans. He studies the effects of nutritional intervention on health outcomes, identifying mechanisms by which nutrients impact gene expression and host physiology, with primary emphasis on gastrointestinal health and obesity.

Contact information: Dr. Ale Relling,, 330-263-3900

Seminars are offered at no cost to attend.