Robyn Wilson

Robyn Wilson
Associate Professor of Risk Analysis and Decision Science
School of Environment and Natural Resources
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Lines of Research:

1.Resources Managers and Policy Makers-This line of research focuses on individuals who manage resources or make decisions on behalf of a larger constituency (e.g., forest/fire managers, wildlife managers, public health directors) or manage a particular resource privately but with large potential implications for society (e.g., farmers). Managing fuels and wildfire events in forest ecosystems; Herbicide resistance and weed management in conventional and organic agriculture; Managing nutrient loss and water quality in the agroecosystem; Climate change and adaptation programming in the public health system

2.General Public-This line of research focuses on laypeople and the decisions that pose both harm to the natural environment and to individual health, safety and economic well-being.

Stream stewardship and water quality in an urbanizing watershed; Risk attitudes and evacuation decisions during a wildfire event; Public acceptance for wildlife and support for carnivore conservation; Public support for fuels management in the wildland-urban interface; Public support for individual and collective climate action