In The News

  1. Mystery disease killing beech trees (feat. Carrie Ewing, Enrico Bonello, Plant Pathology)
    February 19, 2019
    - BBC News
  2. Scholarships help grow students and sustainability (feat. CFAES students Sarah Male and Rebecca DeMoss)
    February 18, 2019
    - Ohio State News
  3. Are Canada Goose jackets inhumane? The controversy explained (Stan Gehrt, School of Environment and Natural Resources, quoted)
    February 14, 2019
    - Newsweek
  4. Manure application opportunities limited by wet weather this winter (feat. Glen Arnold, CFAES specialist, and Sam Custer, OSU Extension)
    February 13, 2019
    - Ohio's Country Journal and Ohio Ag Net
  5. OSU Extension offers Family Farm Nights
    February 12, 2019
    - Urbana Daily Citizen
  6. Scientists advance new technology to protect drinking water from Lake Erie algal toxins (inc. Chris Winslow, Ohio Sea Grant, Stone Lab)
    February 11, 2019
    - EurekAlert
  7. Between government shutdowns? Great Lakes researchers struggle to carry on (feat. Chris Winslow, Ohio Sea Grant, Stone Lab)
    February 7, 2019
    - Great Lakes Echo
  8. Insecticides blamed for honeybee deaths in California almond groves (feat. Reed Johnson, Entomology)
    February 5, 2019
    - UPI
  9. Culprit found for honeybee deaths in almond groves (feat. Reed Johnson, Entomology)
    February 4, 2019
    - Ohio State News
  10. Rock salt and de-icing can lead to damage of plants (feat. Pam Bennett, OSU Extension)
    February 4, 2019
    - WFMJ-TV, Youngstown
  11. OSU Extension professionals honored
    February 4, 2019
    - Farm and Dairy
  12. Ohio State University campus marker honors OFB’s 100th year (feat. CFAES Dean Cathann Kress)
    February 4, 2019
    - Ohio Farmer
  13. OARDC/ATI campus will be changing
    February 3, 2019
    - Wooster Daily Record
  14. Cow health concerns in cold and mud
    February 1, 2019
    - Ohio's Country Journal and Ohio Ag Net
  15. Local OSU Extension professionals receive recognition
    January 30, 2019
    - WKTN Local News Radio
  16. Palmer amaranth’s American roadtrip: The newbie states (feat. Mark Loux, Horticulture and Crop Science)
    January 28, 2019
    - Progressive Farmer
  17. Overcoming oppressive roots to bring diversity to farming (feat. OEFFA annual conference; CFAES is a Sustaining level sponsor)
    January 28, 2019
    - Cleveland Scene
  18. Metabolic syndrome patients need more vitamin C to break cycle of antioxidant depletion (inc. OARDC and CAPS as supporters of study)
    January 18, 2019
    - Coos Bay (Oregon) World
  19. Japan Prize goes to CFAES soil scientist Rattan Lal
    January 18, 2019
    - Ohio's Country Journal and Ohio Ag Net
  20. Reconciling India’s food and nutritional security with environmental quality (feat. Rattan Lal, SENR)
    January 13, 2019
    - Fortune India