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    Chow Line: Refrigerated leftovers safe to eat up to four days after Thanksgiving

    Even though I’m only celebrating Thanksgiving this year with my immediate family, I still plan to make a large turkey (22 pounds) and plenty of trimmings because we love Thanksgiving leftovers. How many days after the holiday is the food safe to eat?
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    Chow Line: Thawing a frozen turkey safely

    I’m buying a frozen turkey this week to serve for Thanksgiving this year. However, I’m not sure how to thaw it. Can you tell me how?
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    Chow Line: Stay safe against Ohio hepatitis A outbreak

    I just heard about the health warning advising Ohioans about the ongoing hepatitis A outbreak across the state. What is hepatitis A, and how do I protect myself against it?  
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    Chow Line: Pumpkin-carving the safe way to avoid injury

    I plan to carve some pumpkins for Halloween, but I’m trying to avoid injuring myself like I did last year. Do you have any tips on how I can do that?
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    Chow Line: Food safety after a flood

    My home was flooded yesterday, impacting food I had stored in cabinets, my pantry, and my fridge. As my home dries out, what do I do with the food?
  6. Chow Line: Deep yellow field spot on watermelon key to choosing sweet, ripe melon

    What’s the best way to choose the perfect melon?
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    Chow Line: Healthy red food options for Juneteenth

    We’re having a cookout as part of our Juneteenth celebration. Do you have any ideas about what foods to serve?
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    Chow Line: Tick season could result in red meat allergies for some

    Can some ticks cause you to be allergic to meat?
  9. Fried Cicadas on as skewer. Photo: Getty Images

    Chow Line: Cicadas can be a tasty treat, but they can be hazardous to those allergic to seafood, FDA warns

    I’ve heard that cicadas can be eaten. Is that true?
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    Chow Line: Not sure what to do with fresh, harvested radishes? Pickle them

    I’ve got a fresh harvest of spring radishes in my garden, but other than adding them to my salad, I’m not sure what to do with them. Got any ideas?