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  1. A comparison of the old and new food nutrition labels. Photo: U. S. Food and Drug Administration.

    Chow Line: Understanding the new food nutrition labels

    What are some of the changes I can expect to see on the new food nutrition labels?
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    Chow Line: Protecting yourself from hepatitis A

    I just heard about a recent health warning advising people who had visited a central Ohio restaurant last month to get a hepatitis A vaccine. What is hepatitis A, and why would people who were at the restaurant need a vaccine?  
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    Chow Line: Prep and freeze food for later use in oven, slow cooker

    When I get home from work some nights, I am exhausted and simply don’t feel like cooking. Any tips on what I can do to still eat healthy those nights without having to go out to eat or spend a lot of time making a meal?
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    Chow Line: Meal kits and other food delivery services should include a focus on food safety

    I’m using a meal kit delivery service for the first time. What do I need to be aware of when ordering, and when the food arrives?
  5. Milk and eggs are among the most common foods identified as allergens among U.S. adults. Photo: Getty Images.

    Chow Line: Some food allergies really aren’t food allergies

    My husband has always assumed he is allergic to strawberries, but it turns out that he’s not allergic at all. He just has an intolerance to them. How common is that?
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    Chow Line: Nontoxic Food Decorations Aren’t Always Edible

    I’m making a batch of holiday goodies, and I’m using several kinds of festive decor on the cakes, cookies, and pies. Some of this glitter and sparkly stuff is very pretty, but I’m wondering if it’s really safe to eat.  
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    Chow Line: With Holiday Baking Season in Full Swing, a Reminder from CDC to Just Say No to Eating Raw Dough

    My grandkids and I have a tradition of spending a Saturday afternoon this time of year baking pies, cakes, and cookies for the holidays. I’ve always let my grandkids lick the spoon from the raw cake batter and raw cookie dough, but now my son is telling me it’s not safe to do so. Why is that?
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    Chow Line: Update on Romaine Lettuce Safety Alert

    Well, that depends on where the romaine lettuce was grown.
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    Chow Line: Holiday Indulgence in Moderation?

    Do you have any tips on how I can indulge in all the holiday food festivities without overdoing it?
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    Chow Line: A Year or Two is not Too Long to Use Uncooked Frozen Turkey

    I bought two turkeys last November, with the intent to cook one at Thanksgiving and the second one for New Year’s Day. We ended up going to a friend’s house on New Year’s instead, so now I still have the frozen turkey from last year in my freezer. Is it safe to cook it for our Thanksgiving meal this year?