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  1. Chow Line: FDA supports standard language to help avoid food label confusion

    I recently went shopping and bought a bag of salad that says “best if used by June 14” on the packaging, a carton of milk that says “sell by June 17,” and a package of eggs that says “use by June 20.” I’m confused by what all these different dates mean.
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    Chow line: Save time and money by making food at home

    I’d like to feed my family more home-cooked meals, but sometimes after a long day at work, it’s easier to stop at a restaurant for takeout. Do you have tips about how to better optimize my time for making dinner at home? 
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    Chow Line: Improperly cooked hamburgers on the grill could make your Memorial Day memorable

    We plan to grill this weekend for Memorial Day but my husband and I can’t seem to agree on how to cook the hamburgers. I like them medium rare like a steak, but my husband says the burgers should be cooked until they are well done. Which one of us is right?
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    Chow line: Learning to dine with diabetes

    My dad was recently diagnosed with diabetes and was advised to change his diet. Do you know of any local resource to help us understand which diet changes he’ll need to make?  
  5. Food safety experts say never wash or rinse raw chicken. Photo: Getty Images

    Chow Line: Never a good idea to wash raw poultry

    I saw a discussion on social media this week that said not to wash raw chicken before cooking it. But I always rinse mine with a mixture of lime or lemon juice and vinegar, which my mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother did as well. Why should I stop doing that now?
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    Chow line: More foodborne illness outbreaks detected last year

    It seems like there have been more foodborne illnesses in recent years. Is that true?
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    Chow Line: Drinking more water can mean less calories for some kids

    I’m trying to incorporate more water into my kids’ daily meals. What are some ways to encourage them to drink more water?
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    Chow Line: Hard-boiled eggs safer choice than soft-boiled eggs for Easter

    I prefer the texture of soft-boiled eggs versus hard-boiled eggs. Is it OK to use soft-boiled eggs for dyeing Easter eggs?
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    Chow Line: Now is a good time for strawberries, asparagus, other in-season produce

    Which fruits and vegetables are in season in the spring?
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    Chow line: When to throw out moldy food

    When is it ok to consume food that mold has grown on, and when should one throw the food away?