Chow Line

  1. raw turkey in roasting pan

    Chow Line: Do not (I repeat) do not rinse the turkey

    I see conflicting guidance about whether or not to rinse the turkey before roasting it. So, should I or shouldn’t I?
  2. place setting with glass of water

    Chow Line: Keep it simple to plan for healthful holidays

    Last year, I promised myself that after the holidays, I would eat healthier and exercise more. It never happened. This year, I don’t want to wait, but I also don’t want to set myself up for failure or be the Grinch during holiday gatherings. Any ideas?
  3. young children eating lunch at school

    Chow Line: Preschool ideal time to focus on healthy eating

    We recently moved, and my children are attending a new child care center. I’m surprised at how much it focuses on healthy eating and exercise, and I wonder if it’s a bit too much for preschoolers. Could it lead to a backlash later?
  4. pumpkin soup

    Chow Line: Canned pumpkin offers nutrition, convenience

    We attended a chili cook-off recently, and one of the entrants said she used canned pumpkin in her recipe. She said pumpkin helps thicken the chili and adds a lot of nutrients. Is pumpkin really that good for you? What else can it be used for?
  5. nuts, leafy greens

    Chow Line: Magnesium essential powerhouse for body

    What is magnesium and what does it do? Is a supplement necessary?
  6. washing hands

    Chow Line: The difference between flu, foodborne illness

    I didn’t think I had ever had food poisoning until I read recently that many people mistake it for the flu. How can you tell the difference?
  7. apples

    Chow Line: An apple a day OK, but enjoy other fruit as well

    Although a lot of my health-conscious friends push me to try produce that I’ve never even heard of before, I’m partial to the good old-fashioned apple. What can I tell them about the apple’s health benefits that will get them off my back?
  8. cookies in front of fireplace

    Chow Line: Try adjustments to favorite comfort foods

    When fall comes and the weather starts getting cooler, I tend to indulge in comfort foods. I know most of them are high in calories, fat and sodium, and I worry about the effect on my weight and health. Are there ways I can make my favorite comfort foods healthier so I can keep enjoying them?
  9. grocery cart and calculator

    Chow Line: Eat better without breaking the bank

    I want to help my family eat better, but it seems like whenever I try to buy healthy foods, it costs a lot more. How can we eat better without totally breaking our food budget?
  10. interior of refrigerator

    Chow Line: Time to chill: Be sure fridge is cold enough

    I noticed that a friend of mine has a thermometer in her refrigerator. She says she uses it to make sure the refrigerator is cold enough. Why would this be necessary? Aren’t refrigerators built to keep food cold enough?