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    Chow Line: More fruit, veggies in school lunches

    My daughter says students at her school throw away a lot more cafeteria food these days because they get too many vegetables. Why serve a food if kids just throw it away?
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    Chow Line: Many Americans improving their diet

    I met some friends for lunch, and we all realized we’re eating better than we used to. Some of us think it’s because we’re “older and wiser,” but some think everyone is eating better these days. Any idea who’s right?
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    Chow Line: Labeling genetically modified foods

    I'm surprised that genetically modified foods aren’t required to be labeled. Why aren’t they?
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    Chow Line: Enjoy seafood, but do so safely

    I read about a seafood processor that was shut down because of food safety concerns. We’re trying to eat more seafood these days. Should we be doing anything special to avoid foodborne illness?
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    Chow Line: Lists of ‘bad’ foods often not helpful

    I often see website ads that say, “Never eat these foods.” Sometimes there is a picture of a banana. I have never clicked on those ads, but I am curious. Shouldn’t we eat bananas? And what other foods shouldn’t we eat?
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    Chow Line: Dairy an easy way to get calcium

    I know a few people who insist that dairy foods are bad for you. Is there any truth to that?
  7. Chow Line: Be safe: Always use meat thermometer

    I’m a new convert to using my meat thermometer regularly. But I’m not sure I’m doing it right. Where can I find guidelines?
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    Chow Line: Data on obesity rates questioned

    I’ve read the news that the obesity rate among preschoolers has dropped, but that some are skeptical. What’s the issue?
  9. Chow Line: Some carb choices better than others

    I recently had a physical, and the results of my blood sugar test were a little high. Since then, I started examining carbohydrate amounts on Nutrition Facts labels, and am surprised at how many carbs are in one of my favorite foods, black beans. Can I fit black beans into a lower-carb diet?
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    Chow Line: Experts remain on sidelines over chia

    Some of my friends are huge fans of chia seeds. Do they really offer so many health benefits, or is it just hype?