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    Chow Line: Dairy dilemmas fueled by headlines

    I’ve seen friends post information on social media saying dairy foods are bad for you. Is this hype or for real?
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    Chow Line: Prescription for healthy eating

    I seemed to get sick a lot last winter. Besides citrus fruits, is there anything I can eat to fight bugs before they get a foothold?  
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    Chow Line: How to store potatoes, onions

    My boyfriend stores potatoes and onions in the refrigerator. I keep them in the pantry. Who’s right?
  4. Chow Line: Use Halloween to coach moderation

    My 6-year-old daughter is excited about trick-or-treating this year, but I’m concerned about how to limit the candy she eats afterward. What’s the best way to handle Halloween?
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    Chow Line: Added scrutiny for added sugars

    I understand that people are advised to cut back on added sugars in the diet. But why? Is it just that they’re “empty calories” or are there other reasons?
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    Chow Line: Stomach pain after eating apples?

    Sometimes when I eat an apple, I get a stomachache afterward. Could it be from pesticide residues?
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    Chow Line: Carbohydrates: How low is low?

    I heard about a study recently that said low-carb diets worked better than low-fat diets. My question is, how “low” is low-carb?
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    Chow Line: Green beans aren’t quite beans

    This year we have an overabundance of green beans from our garden. If we eat them with rice, will they make a complete protein like other beans do? Green beans aren’t really “beans,” at least according to the U.S. Dietary Guidelines. They’re great vegetables, though.
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    Chow Line: Kids still not eating enough produce

    How many fruits and vegetables should children eat every day?
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    Chow Line: Wellness programs spread to schools

    After being inundated with “wellness” messages at work, I started walking more and have lost a few pounds. But it seems to me that children need to hear these kinds of things just as much as adults do. What’s happening in schools?