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    Chow Line: Don’t overindulge on wine, chocolate

    With Valentine’s Day approaching, can you tell me more about the health benefits of chocolate and red wine?
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    Chow Line: Fight against flu bug with healthy diet

    I’m trying to do all I can to avoid getting the flu this season. Is there anything in particular I should include in my diet that could help?
  3. Chow Line: Be aware of risks from eating sprouts

    I really miss topping my salads off with a handful of alfalfa sprouts. What makes them so unsafe?
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    Chow Line: Boost nutrients, cut fat in recipes

    I’m looking for easy ways to make some of my recipes and meals healthier. Any ideas?
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    Chow Line: Saturated fat science is evolving

    In a recent column, you said oils that are high in saturated fat aren’t heart-healthy. But I’ve read about the benefits of tropical oils, especially coconut oil. What’s up?
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    Chow Line: Watch sugar intake over holidays

    I have a sweet tooth. I’ve been cutting back on sugar lately, but I’m worried about the holidays and all the extra sweets. Do you have any guidance?
  7. Chow Line: Focus on safety with mailed food gifts

    Last year we received a gift in the mail and didn’t open it until Christmas Eve. The box contained cheese spreads that said “Keep refrigerated” on the label. They had been at room temperature for more than a week, so we threw them out. But since then, I’ve seen some types of cheese spreads sold at the grocery store on the shelf. Were we being overly cautious?
  8. Chow Line: Plenty of options to replace olive oil (11/30/12)

    What kind of oil is the best to use for heart health? I tend to use olive oil all the time, but I’ve been looking for alternatives.
  9. Chow Line: Tips to prevent holiday weight gain

    I need some inspiration to help keep me from gaining weight during the holidays. Any ideas?
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    Chow Line: Know warning signs, risk of diabetes

    No one in my family has ever had diabetes. Does that mean I’m not at risk for developing it?