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    Chow Line: Make food safety your tailgate goal

    Some friends tailgate before football games, complete with grilling burgers and brats in the parking lot outside the stadium. But they don’t seem to take basic food safety precautions. They say they’ve never had a problem, but are there guidelines I can give them? 
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    Chow Line: Farm to School efforts worthwhile

    My children complain that they do not like the “healthy” lunches at their school this year. I’ve heard some schools are serving fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms, and I think that might help. How can I find out more?
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    Chow Line: Limiting sodium a good idea for most

    My father, who has high blood pressure, has recently started using more salt, saying he has read that it’s not as bad as people think. Can that be right?
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    Chow Line: A new definition for ‘gluten-free’

    I heard recently that the government set a definition for “gluten-free” labels on foods. If that just happened, why have I seen “gluten-free” on some food labels for years?
  5. Chow Line: Get moving, for a lot of reasons

    I know that getting enough exercise is recommended to reduce the risk of heart disease. Is that just because doing so helps you maintain a healthy weight, or is there a separate benefit?
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    Chow Line: Follow produce safety guidelines

    It seems like fresh produce has become more of a food safety problem than it was when I was growing up. Why? And what can I do to reduce my risk?
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    Chow Line: In college? Study labels for calcium

    I just started my first year of college and I’m living away from home for the first time. My mom keeps telling me to watch my diet, especially my calcium intake. Why is she so worried about that?
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    Chow Line: New to pickling? Do your homework

    Our garden is producing an overabundance of cucumbers this year. I thought I might try pickling some of them, but I’m not sure where to start. Any ideas?
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    Chow Line: Dietitians offer guidance on apps

    Everyone I know seems to have a different nutrition app on their smart phone. Where can I find information about whether an app is a good one?
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    Chow Line: Don’t keep sugary beverages at home

    I stopped buying soft drinks to have at home because I’ve read that they are a big reason why so many children are overweight. But my kids said they would stop eating so many snacks if I started buying soda again. Does that sound like an even trade?