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  1. Chow Line: Healthy eating tips the easy way

    I’m interested in eating more healthfully and hopefully losing a few pounds, but I don’t want to track everything I eat or count calories. Do you have any general tips that could help?
  2. Chow Line: Do homework before eating out

    I recently noticed that my favorite fast-food restaurant lists the calories of what I’m eating on the wrapper. I was shocked at how high the calories were. Is it just me, or are most people unaware of how many calories are in fast food?
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    Chow Line: Be safe, not sorry, when grilling food

    A colleague mentioned he got really sick after a cookout last year. What are the most important things to remember regarding food safety when grilling out this season?
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    Chow Line: How to evaluate online nutrition info

    I can easily find information about nutrition online, but I'm not certain how to tell if it's reliable. Are there good sources I can trust?
  5. Chow Line: Eat healthfully when dining out

    I’ve been trying to lose some weight, but lately I’ve been eating out a lot, both for business and pleasure. How can I keep eating healthfully at restaurants?
  6. Chow Line: Think food safety with microwave

    Some people at work keep their frozen food entrees in the refrigerator until lunchtime, even though the packages say they should remain frozen until heating. Is this safe?
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    Chow Line: Try new greens for your salad

    I always used to use romaine lettuce for salads, but recently I switched to a spring mix and I love it. What can you tell me about other types of greens for fresh salads?
  8. Chow Line: Boost health with more fiber

    I’m trying to add more fiber in my diet, but I’m not sure how much I need or if it matters what type of fiber it is. Can you fill me in?
  9. Chow Line: Dry kidney beans need to be boiled

    A few weeks ago, I soaked some dry kidney beans to prepare them for some chili. My sister told me that before adding them to the chili, I should boil them to make sure the beans wouldn’t make us sick. I did, but was that really necessary?
  10. Chow LIne: Are you getting enough vitamin D?

    What does vitamin D do? How much of it do we need?