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    Chow Line: Are You Eating Out for Valentine’s Day?

    With all the recent media reports of foodborne illness caused by eating at some restaurants, how can I know if the place I take my sweetie this year for Valentine’s Day won’t make us sick later?  
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    Ohio State Researchers: Milk Date Labels Contribute to Food Waste

    COLUMBUS, Ohio — Got milk?
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    Chow Line: Foods to Stock up Ahead of Snowstorms

    It seems like every time the weather forecast calls for snow, sleet or ice, the grocery store aisles empty of bread and milk. But I’m wondering, what are some foods I should keep on hand if I think I’ll be snowbound for a few days?
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    Chow Line: Raw or Lightly Cooked Sprouts not Safe to Eat for Certain Populations

    I went to a hibachi grill last weekend and I really wanted to eat the sprouts, but my husband was adamant that I not eat them because I’m pregnant. Who was right – him or me?
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    Chow Line: “Raw” Water Trend Can Make You Sick

    I’ve heard about a new trend that involves drinking “raw water.” What is it, and is it good for me?
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    Chow Line: Leafy Greens Suspected in Latest E. coli Food Poisoning Cases

    I’m confused about the recent reports regarding leafy greens such as romaine lettuce. How is it that leafy greens can cause a foodborne illness?
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    Holiday Gatherings Can be Fun and Healthy

    I’ve been watching my diet this year and eating better. But with the holidays in full swing, I’m worried about derailing all of my hard work. What can I do to stay healthy during the holidays and still have fun? While holiday celebrations are traditionally associated with rich, decadent foods, you can still enjoy holiday get-togethers without breaking from your commitment to have healthy eating habits. It just takes a little planning. For example, if you are attending a holiday party that involves food, eat a small, healthy meal beforehand.
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    Chow Line: Eggnog Safe to Drink if Pasteurized or Cooked

    I really love to drink eggnog this time of year. But as I learn more about raw eggs and their link to Salmonella, I’m worried. Is it safe to drink eggnog?
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    Chow Line: Holiday Potluck Food Safety Tips

    My office is having a holiday potluck next week – do you have any tips to make sure I don’t do anything that will make my co-workers sick from eating my food?
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    Chow Line: You’re Likely Not Eating Enough Fruits and Veggies

    I want to eat healthier, but I’m not sure what that really means in terms of fruit and vegetable intake. I usually eat at least an apple, banana or some carrots every day at lunch. Am I eating enough fruits and vegetables?