Chow Line

  1. Spinach under cover in January, ready to harvest. Photo: CFAES

    Chow Line: Grow your own produce year-round in Ohio

    The COVID-19 pandemic has caused me to rethink how I access food, including a push to grow my own food, kind of like a victory garden. Where can I find tips and information on how to grow my own food in Ohio, even in the winter?
  2. Photo: Getty Images

    Chow line: Frozen food safety

    We bought some frozen chicken breasts that already have grill marks on them. The grill marks mean the chicken is already cooked, so I can just heat it up in the microwave, right?
  3. Chow line: Juice or whole fruit?

    Does eating a piece of fruit or squeezing it into a juice to drink offer the same health benefits?
  4. Fall produce. Photo: Getty Images

    Chow line: Fall a great time for apples, peaches, blueberries, in addition to pumpkins

    I know that autumn means pumpkins will be available in abundance, but what other produce is in season in the fall?
  5. Nymphal and adult forms of the lone star tick. Clockwise, from bottom left: unfed nymph, engorged nymph, adult male, unfed adult female, and engorged adult female. For size reference, the center dot is approximately 0.8 mm diameter. Photo by Jeffery Alfred, used with permission from Iowa State University Extension.

    Chow Line: Tick that causes meat allergies found in Ohio

    Is there a tick that causes people to develop an allergy to red meat, and can it be found it Ohio?
  6. Photo: Getty Images

    Chow line: Peaches recalled due to salmonella

    Last week it was onions, and now this week peaches have been recalled due to salmonella. What is salmonella, and how do fruits and vegetables get contaminated with it?
  7. Photo: Getty Images

    Chow Line: Some onions, ready-to-eat meat, and poultry products recalled

    How do I know if the onions or other food products in my pantry or fridge are part of a recall I just heard about?
  8. Center for Foodborne Illness Research and Prevention

    Chow Line: CFAES center offers food safety resources, information

    Is there a local source that I can use to find information and resources on food recalls? 
  9. Photo: Getty Images

    Chow Line: Meat thermometer is the best option to ensure food safety when grilling meat

    Why should I use a meat thermometer while barbecuing steak on the grill? Can’t you just look at the steak to determine if it’s done by the color of the meat?
  10. Photo: Getty Images

    Chow Line: Avoid hand sanitizers that contain methanol alcohol

    I’ve been searching for hand sanitizer and finally found a large bottle at a nearby store. The problem is, when I got home, I found out that it has methanol alcohol in it. Is it safe to use, and is it effective against COVID-19?