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  1. Chow Line: Paleo diet has pros and cons

    A lot of my friends seem to be trying the Paleo diet these days. Is the diet safe and sound?
  2. Chow Line: What to do about mold on cheese

    We had a nice weekend getaway a while back and brought home some artisan cheese we found in a local shop. Today I saw some mold on it. Can I just cut the mold away or is the whole block of cheese unsafe?
  3. Chow Line: Use Nutrition Month to get back on track

    I know National Nutrition Month is coming up in March, and I want to use the occasion to jump-start my resolution to eat better this year. But I’ve done this kind of thing before and I’m out of new ideas. Where can I find some good ones?
  4. Chow Line: Protein guidance can be confusing

    How much protein should I eat every day?
  5. Chow Line: If food is recalled, find out details

    What’s the best thing to do when you hear a food that you’ve recently purchased is being recalled?
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    Chow Line: Don’t overindulge on wine, chocolate

    With Valentine’s Day approaching, can you tell me more about the health benefits of chocolate and red wine?
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    Chow Line: Fight against flu bug with healthy diet

    I’m trying to do all I can to avoid getting the flu this season. Is there anything in particular I should include in my diet that could help?
  8. Chow Line: Be aware of risks from eating sprouts

    I really miss topping my salads off with a handful of alfalfa sprouts. What makes them so unsafe?
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    Chow Line: Boost nutrients, cut fat in recipes

    I’m looking for easy ways to make some of my recipes and meals healthier. Any ideas?
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    Chow Line: Saturated fat science is evolving

    In a recent column, you said oils that are high in saturated fat aren’t heart-healthy. But I’ve read about the benefits of tropical oils, especially coconut oil. What’s up?