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    Chow Line: BBQ Safely: Be Careful when Using Steel Grill Brushes

    I clean my grill each time after I cook on it, using a steel wire grill brush to keep the grease and grime from building up on the grill racks. I’ve used the same brush for a couple of years now because I love how it cleans, but I’m wondering if I should get a new one this year.  
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    Chow Line: USDA Warns: Wash Your Hands Properly to Prevent Foodborne Illness

    My husband gets frustrated with me because I’m always reminding him to wash his hands multiple times when cooking. He says washing before he cooks is enough.  Which one of us is right?  
  3. A bite from a lone star tick can cause meat allergies in some people. Photo: Thinkstock.

    Chow Line: Certain Tick Bites Can Cause Food Allergies

    Can you really develop an allergy to red meat from a tick bite?
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    Chow Line: That Free Food at Work May Significantly Increase Your Caloric Intake

    I’ve noticed that I’ve gained a few extra pounds in the past couple of months. The only things I can think of are the doughnuts and other snacks my coworkers bring to the office. Can those calories really add up that much?  
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    Chow Line: Pre-cut Melons Tied to Multistate Salmonella Outbreak

    I just heard a report that a brand of pre-cut melons was tied to a Salmonella outbreak recently. How is that possible?
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    Chow Line: Don’t Drink the Pool Water!

    I tell my youngest son not to swallow water from the pool every time we go swimming. While I know that it’s gross, can it also make him sick?  
  7. Image of a tapeworm in a person's intestine. Tapeworms are a species of parasitic flatworms Photo: Thinkstock

    Chow Line: Precautions Can Lessen Your Chance of Developing Tapeworms

    I just heard about an athlete who developed a tapeworm infection from eating raw fish. How is that possible?
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    Chow Line: Grilling, Smoking, or Barbecuing: Is there a difference?

    What is the difference between smoking, grilling, and barbecuing beef? And which cuts are good for grilling, smoking, and barbecuing?  
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    Chow Line: Eggs Over Easy Not Recommended

    I love eggs over easy for breakfast, but lately, I’m hesitant to order my eggs that way because of mixed messages I’ve heard about eggs and a recall. Can you tell me what’s going on and about the risk of eating my eggs with a runny yolk?
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    Chow Line: Dark Chocolate Can Be a Healthy Option for Mother’s Day Celebrations

    I want to give my mom a gift for Mother’s Day that she will really like and will be healthy. My sister said we should give her some chocolate, but is that healthy?