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    Chow line: Going out for Valentine’s Day? Pay attention to the details when dining out

    Valentine’s Day is tonight and I plan to take my date out to dinner. Got any food safety tips on dinning out? I don’t want the evening to end on a bad note.
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    Chow line: The difference between broth and stock

    My dad asked me to pick up chicken stock from the store for a meal that he wants to make for dinner. When I got to the store, I bought chicken broth and brought it home. He sent me back to the store because he said stock and broth aren’t the same thing. But aren’t they really?
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    Chow Line: Super-safe food for Super Bowl Sunday

    We’re hosting a Super Bowl feast this weekend. Got any tips about how to do so safely? 
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    Chow line: Binge drinking on the rise in certain populations

    Is there a difference between heavy drinking and binge drinking? And do these have any effect on my health?
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    Chow Line: Is drinking more water your New Year’s resolution? If so, here’s how to do it.

    As part of my 2020 New Year’s resolution, I’ve pledged to drink more water this year. Do you have any tips on how I can stick to my goal and keep up my water intake?
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    Chow Line: Winter flooding potential leads to food safety concerns

    The forecast this weekend calls for warm temperatures, thunderstorms, and the potential for a couple of inches of heavy rain here in Ohio, even though it’s January! I’ve recently moved into a new home in an area that’s been subject to flash floods. If my home floods, what do I do with the food in my fridge and pantry?
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    Chow line: Hold the raw, unpasteurized eggs from your holiday recipes

    I love to drink eggnog this time of year, and hollandaise sauce is a rich indulgence that puts me in the holiday mood. While I typically make my own eggnog and hollandaise sauce using raw eggs, this year my wife has asked me to avoid the raw eggs. What’s wrong with using raw eggs in those recipes?
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    Chow Line: Romaine lettuce alert affects Ohio, other states

    I saw that there’s been another alert about romaine lettuce. How do I know whether what’s in my fridge is part of the impacted varieties?
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    Chow Line: How long is too long for holiday leftovers?

    I typically make a large turkey (22 pounds) and plenty of trimmings because my family loves Thanksgiving leftovers. How many days after the holiday is the food safe to eat?
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    Chow Line: How to handle diabetes during the holidays

    I was recently diagnosed with diabetes and am not sure how to manage my disease as I go through the holiday season. Do you have any tips on what steps I can take to navigate through the holidays while keeping my diabetes in check?