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  1. Photo: Getty Images

    Chow line: Growing giant pumpkins

    I took my 8-year-old to a pumpkin show over the weekend and we saw giant, near record-sized pumpkins on display. Now my son wants to grow giant pumpkins like that in our backyard. Is that possible?
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    Chow line: Slow cooker safety

    I put a roast on to cook in my slow cooker and went to work. When I got home, I realized that the power had gone out at my house at some point during the day. I checked my slow cooker and the power was off, but my roast looked like it cooked fully. Can I still eat the roast?  
  3. The pawpaw was named Ohio's official native fruit in 2009. (Photo: CFAES)

    Chow line: Pawpaws making a comeback in Ohio, other markets

    What is a pawpaw, and is it healthy for you?
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    Chow line: Alternatives to sugar

    I want to lower my sugar intake, so I’m looking for a sugar substitute for my coffee. What are the different types of sweeteners? 
  5. Venison. Photo: Getty Images.

    Chow line: Handling venison safely during harvesting and preparation key to stemming foodborne illnesses

    Hunting season starts soon, and we want to make sure we safely prepare any meat that we bag. Can you share some tips on how to do so?  
  6. Vegetables rich in potassium. Photo: Getty Images

    Chow line: Many options for potassium

    My doctor told me that I need to increase my potassium intake, but I’m not the biggest fan of bananas. How much potassium should I have daily, and what are some other foods that are good sources of it?
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    Chow Line: New research shows washing raw poultry dangers

    I just can’t stomach the idea of not washing raw chicken before cooking it. The slime on it is really off-putting. Isn’t rinsing out my sink afterward good enough to prevent spreading any germs?
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    Chow Line: Healthy, safe lunch options for back to school

    School is back in session for my fourth grader, and he’s decided this year that he wants to pack lunch for the first time. Any tips on how to make sure his packed lunch is safe and healthy?
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    Chow Line: FDA warns consumers to stop drinking sodium chlorite products

    I just saw a social media post warning against drinking Miracle Mineral Solution. What is it, and why shouldn’t I drink it?
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    Chow Line: Food safety and homemade fruit- or vegetable-infused water

    I’m planning to add either fresh strawberry or cucumber slices to a pitcher of water to serve with a lunch I’m hosting. Are there any food safety concerns that I need to be aware of when making fruit- or vegetable-infused water?