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  1. Various flavors of liquid nicotine for use in electronic cigarettes. Photo: Thinkstock.

    Chow Line: FDA Warns Adults to Keep Kids Away from Liquid Nicotine

    My son found an e-cigarette strawberry flavored nicotine pack and almost drank it thinking that it was some kind of candy. Luckily I stopped him in time, but are these products safe for kids?
  2. Edible flowers such as nasturtium are a good option for an edible landscape. Considering that today is Arbor Day (April 27), why not mark the occasion by planning and then planting an edible landscape?

    Chow Line: Spring Planting Urban Landscapes You Can Eat

    My neighbor said she wants to plant edible landscaping this year to spruce up her front yard, but I’ve never heard of doing that. Is it true you can eat your landscape bushes?
  3. Photo: Thinkstock.

    Chow Line: FDA Says Avoid Highly Concentrated and Pure Caffeine Products

    My roommate wants to take this caffeine powder he found online so that he can stay up late to study for his midterm exams. I’ve told him that’s not a good idea. Am I right?
  4. Photo: Thinkstock.

    Chow Line: Spring Cleaning Checklist Should Include Your Fridge and Pantry, Too

    I’ve noticed that sometimes, my refrigerator has a stale odor. How can I determine what’s causing the smell, and most importantly, how can I stop the problem from occurring?
  5. Mitragyna speciosa (kratom) leaves, in powder form, capsules and tablets. Photo: Thinkstock

    Chow Line: FDA Recalls Kratom Due to Salmonella Fears

    I just heard that the FDA recalled something called kratom, but I’m not sure what it is. Is it some kind of food, and why has it been recalled?
  6. Photo: Thinkstock.

    Chow Line: No April Fools’ on Easter Food Safety

    I’m making ham for Easter dinner this year, and I’m relatively new to this whole cooking thing. Any tips on how I can do this safely?
  7. Photo: Thinkstock.

    Chow Line: Binge Drinking — How Much Is Too Much?

    My friends and I go to happy hour after work sometimes for a drink. But one of my friends doesn’t stop at one or two drinks, instead sometimes having three or four drinks. Is that considered binge drinking?  
  8. Photo: Thinkstock.

    Chow Line: Why Is Corned Beef Pink?

    Since corned beef is pink, how do you know if it’s fully cooked? And why is it pink anyway?
  9. Photo: Thinkstock

    Chow Line: How to Get Kids to Adopt Healthier Eating Habits

    I saw a recent report that says that childhood obesity is still on the rise, and that has me really worried. What can I do to help my child eat healthier?
  10. Photo: Thinkstock

    Chow Line: Healthy Eating on a Budget

    So I’ve been trying to stick to my New Year’s resolution to eat healthier, but I’m finding that’s its been pretty expensive to do so far. Do you have any tips on how I can eat right, but on a budget?