Family Fundamentals

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    Family Fundamentals: Establish routines to ease back into school schedule (August 2013)

    It’s back-to-school time. I think I dread it more than the kids do because it’s always such a struggle to get them back into a routine after summer break. What can I do differently this year to help things go more smoothly?
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    Family Fundamentals: Budget for basics for back-to-school items (July 2013)

    We’ve had some unanticipated expenses this summer, so we’re looking for ways to trim spending on back-to-school clothes and other items. Any tips? We have three children, in elementary, middle and high school.
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    Family Fundamentals: Reading to infants provides good base for literacy (June 2013)

    I’m a new mom, and I always thought I would enjoy reading to my baby from day one. But I find I feel silly reading to him (he’s now 6 weeks old), because it’s obvious he doesn’t yet understand the story. Should I keep at it, or wait until he’s older?
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    Family Fundamentals: What to look for in credit card rewards programs (May 2013)

    Friends tell us they get good deals with credit card rewards programs, so we’re starting to investigate possibly signing up for one. What questions should we ask? We always pay our credit card bills in full every month.
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    Family Fundamentals: Trouble talking to teen? Try some of these ideas (April 2013)

    We have a teenage daughter who seems to be withdrawing. We barely talk. I’m worried about what will happen when she deals with a stressful situation. If we can’t talk about everyday stuff, how will we talk when it’s really important?
  6. Family Fundamentals: Protect yourself from identity theft

    A friend is dealing with the aftereffects of identity theft. Is there anything I can do to protect myself from that type of thing?
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    Family Fundamentals: Retiring? Talk with spouse about concerns

    I’m about to retire, and my husband retired two years ago. Although we have a great relationship, I’m a little concerned about being together 24/7. What advice do you have for us so we don’t get on each other’s nerves?
  8. Family Fundamentals: Credit: Know what you owe, how you’ll pay it off

    How can I calculate how much total interest I will be charged until I get my credit card bill paid off?
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    Family Fundamentals: Resolve conflicts with child’s caregiver (December 2012)

    Our son is 9 months old. Recently we’ve become uncomfortable with some viewpoints expressed by his caregiver. It’s nothing major, and we don’t want to ruin what has been a good thing, but I think we need to find a way to bring up our concerns. Is there a good way to handle this? This type of conflict is not uncommon, and it actually goes both ways: Sometimes, providers have a problem with parents and aren’t sure how best to approach the issue. Family relations specialists with Cooperative Extension Services in several states across the country offer guidance, including:
  10. Family Fundamentals: Make plan, be firm to curb holiday spending

    Every year, I spend more money than I want to during the holidays. Can you suggest ways to help me not go overboard this year?


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