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  1. Image of parking lot test plots.

    Clever Rabbits or Not, Parking Lot Farm Is Seeing Results

    WOOSTER, Ohio -- Even a garden in the middle of a parking lot can have a problem with rabbits. “They were coming through part of the gate,” said a rather amazed Joe Kovach, an Ohio State University scientist who has set up a lushly growing and ostensibly fenced-off fruit and vegetable test garden on an old asphalt parking lot in Wooster in northeast Ohio. “I actually saw one leave (the garden),” Kovach said. “It pushed its way right out. They were using the wire on the gate as a trap door.” He fixed the hole with some Plexiglass. The rest of the fence, meantime, is working, he said. Deer and woodchucks, too, have lately been spotted around but not inside the garden. As Kovach talks, a wren sings from a tree nearby. A robin chirps in apparent alarm...