1. Be the one to help 4-H grow the next generation of leaders

    The world's children will be the ones to solve critical global problems. Help them grow into the leaders we need by supporting 4-H.

  2. Fertiilizer training for mandated certification

    All fertilizer applicators who apply on more than 50 acres must be certified by September 2017. Ohio State University Extension is launching an informational campaign so that those who haven't been trained and certified get it done by September.

  3. Ohio State University Extension: Your source for reliable information

    Ohio State University Extension is your go-to source for research-based, practical solutions.

  4. Tips for avoiding dietary pitfalls during the holidays

    The holidays can be a busy and stressful time, with temptations to indulge all around. Here are some tips for enjoying the holidays while avoiding dietary pitfalls.

  5. The Most Interesting Professor Drinks Ohio Eggnogg

    Stay thirsty for Ohio dairy products, sayd Rafael Jimenez-Flores, Ohio State's dairy chair.

  6. Be The One to Access Extension Information

  7. The Most Interesting Professor Drinks Ohio Eggnogg

    Stay thirsty, Buckeye friends!

  8. Thank You to Our Supporters

    CFAES students thank supporters

  9. Be The One, Version One

    Advice for first year students from graduating seniors

  10. Farm Science Review 2016 Wrap Up