1. At the Molly Caren center: New tech for helping cut phosphorus use

  2. 4-H, Entomology: Investigating beneficial bugs in the city

  3. OSU Extension: Addressing hunger in Ohio

  4. Katrina Cornish: CFAES Innovator of the Year Award

  5. Chang-Won Lee: CFAES Senior Faculty Research Award

  6. Megan Meuti: Can we trick mosquitoes into not biting us?

  7. CFAES Dean Cathann A. Kress: About the Charity Steer Show

  8. Rattan Lal ‘honored, privileged’ by Japan Prize (comments at 8:48)

  9. The Ohio State University Stone Laboratory students ‘have an amazing experience’

  10. Take a drone’s eye tour of the Waterman Agricultural and Natural Resources Laboratory