The show will go on for farmers and Farm Science Review

Ohio farms are known for their resilience, which also holds true for The Ohio State University Molly Caren Agricultural Center, home to CFAES’ annual Farm Science Review (FSR), after it was damaged by an EF2 tornado in the early morning hours of Feb. 28.

The aftermath of the storm left 46 of the 62 buildings on the grounds damaged or destroyed. This included 13 universityowned buildings and 33 privately owned buildings.

Like other local farmers impacted by the storm, the focus of the CFAES teams has been on recovery and rebuilding to ensure the show will continue as scheduled. “We are fully committed to hosting this year’s show and coming back stronger than ever, which is in our nature as a farmer-focused facility and event. This is real life for farmers, and we’re right here experiencing it, too,” said Nick Zachrich, FSR manager.

Before hitting Madison County, the tornado ravaged South Charleston, Ohio, known for its vast farmland. Charlie Troxell, of Troxell Family Farms and a frequent FSR attendee who farms 1,800 acres with his father, Tom, and brother, Jeffrey, lost multiple buildings. Despite this setback, the Troxells remain optimistic.

“We were fortunate. We lost the two oldest barns on the property: our original shop, which was built in the 70s and not in great repair, and the concrete containment facility,” said Charlie Troxell.

The Troxells have spent time surveying damage, working on insurance claims, and taking inventory of the equipment, products, and supplies that were salvageable, while focusing on the silver lining.

“We always thought it would be nice to have one big barn and one big complex for conveniences, but this made us realize that having things spread out made a difference,” he said. “Our quality-built barns withstood the storm.”

Likewise, FSR will go on as usual, welcoming 100,000 attendees and over 500 different exhibitors to the Molly Caren Ag Center in London, Ohio, Sept. 17-19.

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